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Incoming students

Degree seekers

I want to study at USB, how can I apply?

To apply for studies at USB, you need first to select a specific faculty that offers your desired study programme. The application procedure may vary for each study programme, details are described on the website of the Faculty where the programme is taught. Each Faculty can set its own application requirements and deadlines.

To get an overview of study programmes and fields of study available at USB, see our webpage: https://www.jcu.cz/study-at-usb/degree-students/copy_of_study-programmes/study-programmes

Are there English taught study programmes at USB?

USB is offering several study programmes taught in foreign languages, mostly in English. Programmes are either Bachelor, Master or PhD and available in different fields of study. You can also apply for a double or joint degree programme, where part of the studies are at our partner university abroad. The list of programmes available in foreign languages can be seen at https://www.jcu.cz/study-at-usb/degree-students/study-programmes-in-foreign-languages-1/study-programmes-in-foreign-languages-1

Where can I find information about scholarships?

USB international students may benefit from scholarships at the same conditions like local students. There is no specific scholarship for foreign students. For complete information please see our webpage: https://www.jcu.cz/study-at-usb/degree-students/study-info/scholarships-and-bursaries

An overview of scholarships offered by other organisations is available at the website of Study in the Czech Republic: https://www.studyin.cz/plan-your-studies/scholarships/

How and where can I apply for a visa?

Depending on your nationality and status, you might have to apply for a visa or residence permit to enter and study in the Czech Republic. You should start your visa application as soon as possible as the whole procedure can take several months. Information about visas are available on our website at https://www.jcu.cz/study-at-usb/practical-info/immigration-visa-information

Unfortunately it is not under USB competence to speed or influence the visa/residence permit process. Processing is only under the authority of Czech Embassies abroad and the Czech Ministry of the Interior.

I want to study in Czech language, what should I do?

In order to successfully follow your studies in Czech language, you need to have a level of B1/B2 according to CEFR. The concrete requirement for admission may vary for each study programme.

USB Faculty of Arts offers a one-year intensive Czech language course for Foreigners. The course is designed as a preparatory year for students who wish to study in Czech study programs at Czech universities. More information at https://www.jcu.cz/study-at-usb/one-year-intensive-czech-language-course-for-foreigners

Exchange students

Can I get a room at university dormitories?

University dormitories are available for any exchange student that applies in time. Follow the instructions sent by the International Office coordinator of the Faculty where you will be registered.

As an exchange student you cannot choose the concrete dormitory and type of room. Most of the rooms are shared rooms for 2-3 students. You will be assigned a bed according to current availability of Dormitories.

For more information about Dormitories see www.kam.jcu.cz

What is the requested level to study in English through exchange programme?

It is required to have a good command of English in order to be able to follow courses in English (B1/B2). The concrete required level is specified in the agreement between USB and your home institution. Ask the International coordinator of the Faculty where you will be registered for more information. Students taking courses in English are not required to have any Czech language knowledge.

Can I take courses from another faculty than the one where I am registered at?

Yes, you can take courses at any Faculty of USB. Anyway, you must take a minimum of 50% of your courses at the Faculty where you are registered.

Do you offer internships for students?

USB does not have a list of internships position within the university. Individual internships can be arranged through the International Office of the Faculty according to your study field, or through the concrete workplace you are interested in (e.g. research laboratory).

I need to get my Learning Agreement or other documents signed, whom can I ask?

The competent person to sign your documentation is the International Office coordinator of the Faculty where you are registered at. Contacts: https://www.jcu.cz/study-at-usb/contacts

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