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Dear alumni of the University of South Bohemia,

welcome to the page of the Alumni Club of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. The tradition of the university is one of the important values of every university and such tradition is not measured only against books written or buildings built but most importantly it is the people who have gone through the university. As is clear from the name itself, a university is a community of teachers and students, which is true in the sense of synchrony as well as diachrony. It was not for no reason when G. K. Chesterton declared that the emphasis put on tradition is sovereignly democratic since it gives voice not only to those who are present but also to those who were here before. In this sense, the emphasis on togetherness with alumni is an important element of the university democratic atmosphere.

Naturally, every one of you has memories bound to a particular faculty that you primarily associate yourself with. The University Alumni Club certainly does not wish to disrupt the subject and human ties. However, faculties are parts of the University, therefore admission to a faculty is admission to the University, which fulfils the second dimension of the word university – it is not only a community of teachers and students but also a community of various scientific fields that together lead towards a deeper knowledge of nature, humanity and the society. Thus, the University Alumni Club provides you with opportunities to network within the University at the which you studied as well as with information about developments at the University, opportunities of favourable access to some university services etc.

As it has been said, it is not buildings or machines that make the university and its faculties. It is people and namely, it is you, the alumni. You are parts of the wealth of our University and its co-creators. We believe that your alma mater is still close to your heart and that you are proud of it just as the University is proud of you. Rest assured that you will always find yourself at home at the grounds of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.

We wish you well and we are looking forward to cooperation.

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