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Exchange programmes

Erasmus+ programme

For over 30 years, the European Union has funded the Erasmus programme, which has enabled over three million European students to spend part of their studies at another higher education institution or with an organisation in Europe.

The University of South Bohemia is part of the Erasmus+ programme and welcome students for a one to two semesters stay. 

A student can participate in the Erasmus+ programme only if his/her home university has signed a bilateral interinstitutional agreement with USB.

Other programmes
  • Short-term stays based on bilateral agreements
  • Visegrad 
Courses in foreign languages

Incoming exchange students (Erasmus+ and other programmes) can study a wide range of courses in English and other foreign languages throughout the faculties.

To choose the courses you want to study, follow these steps:


1st step: Look at the offered courses at individual faculties. 

* Cross-disciplinary courses

- "Intercultural understanding" - Course code: DPF/EMP

- "English for study mobility abroad" - Course code: DPF/EAJZ

- "Czech for foreigners" - Course code: UBO/XERAZ (beginners-začátečníci) or UBO/XERAP (advanced-pokročilí)

* Faculty of Education

* Faculty of Arts

* Faculty of Economics

* Faculty of Science

* Faculty of Agriculture

* Faculty of Health and Social Sciences 

* Faculty of Theology

* Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Water - Please, contact the Faculty coordinator Mrs Lucie Kačerová This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2nd step: To see the description of the course, copy the course code into the Course Catalogue

How to use Course Catalogue

International Credit Mobility
International Credit mobility is a programme funded by the European Union, which allows students from countries outside the EU to do exchange mobilities in European countries. !!!Only students from partner universities, which have Interinstitutional Agreement with the University of South Bohemia, can do this kind of mobility!!!


Students who can apply are only students from partner universities, which have mutual Inter-institutional Agreement with the University of South Bohemia.


The partner Sending Institution is responsible for the selection of the participants of the student mobility. The selection must be fair, transparent, coherent and documented and shall be made available to all parties involved in the selection process.


The coordinator at the Sending institution (SI) nominates the selected students and announces the basic personal data to the Faculty coordinator of the Receiving insitution (RI)


The Erasmus+ coordinator of the RI sends to the nominated students link to the on-line application and information about all things that need to be arranged BEFORE THE MOBILITY

Within the on-line application students have the possibility to apply for Accommodation at the University Halls of Residence


  • Student´s Transcript of records
  • Bachelor´s diploma
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Travel Insurance for the period of stay
  • Printed document confirming validity of the student´s bank account (must contain: STUDENT´S NAME, BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER, IBAN, SWIFT)
  • Learning Agreement




Winter semester:         31 May
Summer semester:      30 November

Later nominations and online applications will NOT be accepted.


Winter semester:         15  June
Summer semester:      15 December


The term "freemover" has no formal status. It is used loosely to designate a student who is accepted to study at a university in another country, usually for a semester, sometimes for a year, outside of any regular or standard programme (e.g. Erasmus, a special bilateral agreement exchange programme between the two universities, etc.). As such, the student in question is being accepted at the host university as an act of good will on its part.

This of course means that every university has a different policy. Some do not (or cannot, for legal reasons) admit freemovers at all. Others, particularly those wishing to increase the international student presence at their institution, welcome them, especially if a general  wide university agreement on cooperation has been signed with a student’s home institution. In come cases they may require some fees to be paid. In any case, it is totally at the discretion of the university in question as to whether it wants to accept the student or not, and under what conditions. Often this is done when a student wants to come because of a particular specialization offered there, or the presence of a professor who is the leading expert in his or her field.

At the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice it is at the discretion of individual faculties whether or not to admit freemovers. If you would like to study at the University of South Bohemia with the status of “freemover”, please contact the international office or the office of studies of the faculty in question. Direct links to their websites:

International Relations Offices at Faculties of the University of South Bohemia:

Faculty of Economics: http://www.ef.jcu.cz/international-office

Faculty of Philosophy: http://www.ff.jcu.cz/cs/web/ff/uvod

Faculty of Education: http://www.pf.jcu.cz/international_relations/

Faculty of Science: http://www.prf.jcu.cz/en/

Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters: http://www.frov.jcu.cz/en/

Faculty of Theology: http://www.tf.jcu.cz/en/study

Faculty of Health and Social Studies: http://www.zsf.jcu.cz/en?set_language=en

Faculty of Agriculture: http://www.zf.jcu.cz/root_frontpage-en/view

Support in Emergency and Crisis Situations

General Emergency Phone Numbers

European emergency phone numbers

112 – police, fire, medical and rescue service

Czech emergency phone numbers

158 – Police
156 – Municipal Police
155 – Emergency Medical Service
150 – Fire and Rescue Service
For contacts of doctors, hospitals and pharmacies – see the link Medical Support.

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