Practical Info & Orientation Week


Once you have received your acceptance letter (see webpage Application step by step), you should begin to organise your arrival.

You may receive several emails with instructions either from your Faculty international office or from the central international office (Rectorate) with important information and instructions. Regularly check your email box (and spam box)!


Accommodation at USB dormitories

If you have applied for a bed at USB dormitories, you will receive instructions about 2-4 weeks (at the latest) before the start of the semester.

You will have to pay a deposit in advance in order to confirm your reservation. Follow the instructions and deadlines you will receive by email.

Usually, students check-in at the dormitories during the weekend before the beginning of the Orientation week (see below). For instance, if the Orientation Week starts on 26th September, you can check-in during the 2-3 days before (23rd-25th September). Always inform the head of your dormitory about the exact date of your arrival.

If you decide to cancel your reservation of accommodation, please, inform us as soon as possible! (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Visa (Non-EU students)

Non EU students must apply for a student visa before staying in the Czech Republic. Application must be submitted soon in advance (several months) at the Czech consulate in your home country. Please, be aware that it is not possible to apply for a visa inside the Czech Republic.

More information in the section Immigration and visa information at > Practical information


Buddy request

Buddies are local students who can help you during your stay at USB and especially during your arrival. They can assist you in a number of different situations; for example, s/he can pick you up at the train/bus station, accompany you to your dormitory, show you around the city, the campus and share with you many tips.

The buddy system at USB is organised by the student organisation Erasmus Student Network USB Budweis. If you want to have a buddy, do not forget to register at the webpage: at least 2-3 weeks before your arrival.



Each student has the responsibility to arrange his/her own insurance for medical purposes and in case of medical repatriation need, which must be valid in the Czech Republic.


Before leaving home, please check that you have valid insurance.

-           Students from EU countries and Turkey:

  • You must have a European Health Insurance Card (the blue card), that entitles you to the provision of necessary and urgent health care free-of-charge. Please check at your home health insurance institution that you have this card for stay in EU and that it is valid for the whole period of your stay in the Czech Republic.
  • Based on a bilateral agreement with the Czech Republic, insured person in Turkey are also entitled to urgent healthcare in the Czech Republic. You must have the E111 form from your home health insurance institution.
  • It is highly recommended to have a supplementary travel health insurance, especially in case of a serious injury and the need of a medical repatriation to your home country.


-           Students from other countries - outside EU:

According to visa requirements, you need to purchase a comprehensive health insurance coverage. Follow the instructions of the consulate where you have applied for a visa. You will need to submit a proof of insurance as part of your visa application. Currently the only insurance company accepted for visa purposed is Pojišťovna VZP, a.s.


Orientation week

Each semester International Relations Office together with ESN USB Budweis organise an Orientation week for new incoming exchange students. You will receive information by email before your arrival. It is highly recommended to attend as you will receive support and information for the first steps at the university. You will also have the opportunity to meet other international and local students, and get to know the city and the campus.

Usually the Orientation week starts about one week before the start of the semester.


Accommodation at USB Dormitories

On the first working day after your arrival at the dormitory, you must visit the head of your dormitory in order to sign your accommodation contract. Please carefully check the information and the conditions in your contract and in the Student Accommodation Code. More at:


Registration at the Faculty International office

As soon as possible in the first days after your arrival, you must officially register as a USB student. Visit the international coordinator of your faculty after arrangement. During this visit you can also get your Certificate of arrival or any similar document you will need for your home university.

You will arrange with your faculty coordinator the last details concerning your registration to courses, timetables, or any other topics linked with your studies.


USB Student Card

After being registered at your Faculty, you can apply for a USB student card.

Your student card allows you to:


If you attend the Orientation week, we will support you with the whole procedure.

Otherwise, please visit the card center of the university situated in the building M of the Faculty of Agriculture and Technology. See here the procedure to apply for the card.


Email and IT settings

If you attend the Orientation week, you will receive instructions and support with all IT settings. Your login and password are important to access Wifi, the study system STAG, your faculty email box and other online USB systems.

Outside Orientation week, you may receive login and password from your Faculty coordinator.

In case of problem with your connection, you can visit the helpdesk situated in the building M of the Faculty of Agriculture and Technology.


Wifi connection

In all buildings of the university you have the possibility to use the international network EDUROAM. Eduroam can be set at your home university already before your departure. Contact your university IT Department.

In case you do not set Eduroam access at home, you can connect thanks to USB username and password. See instructions here or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Internet at USB Dormitories: Apart from the dormitory K1 where there is WIFI (Eduroam), Internet connection at other dormitories is only by network cable. It is necessary to bring your own ethernet cable.


Foreign police registration

Each foreigner staying in the Czech Republic must obligatory report at the Foreign police.

  • If you stay at USB Dormitory or private Kolej Pedagog: you do not need to visit the foreign police. The registration is done automatically by the accommodation provider.
  • If you stay in a private accommodation:
  • EU student: you must register at the Czech foreign police within 30 days after your arrival.
  • Non-EU student: you must register at the Czech foreign police within 3 working days after your arrival.

Contact address:

FOREIGN POLICE (Cizinecká policie)

Pražská 1257/23, České Budějovice (3rd floor)

Office hours: Monday and Wednesday: 8:00 17:00

In case you need to register, ask your buddy or other Czech speaking person to accompany you as the staff does not speak English.



In case you entered the Czech Republic with a D/VR Visa, you need to finish your procedure to get your Czech residence permit card.

You must register at OAMP (Department for Asylum and Migration Policy) within 30 working days to order an appointment for Biometrics and then receive your residence card.

In case you entered the Czech Republic without visa, you are obliged to register at OAMP within 3 working days to order an appointment for Biometrics and then receive your residence card.

Contact address:

MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR, Department for Asylum and Migration Policy (OAMP)

Ministerstvo vnitra , odbor azylové a migrační politiky

Pražská 1257/23, České Budějovice (1st floor)

Telephone:+420 974 801 801 (information and appointment line; Mo Th : 8.00 -16.00 and Fr: 8.00 12.00)

Office hours: Only for clients with an appointment

Always visit OAMP office with a Czech speaking person (buddy ) accompanying. Staff does not speak English.


Registration at public Health Insurance

After your arrival in the Czech Republic, EU students can register at a public health insurance company in order to get a Czech public health insurance number. It is recommended in order to ease the process in case you would need to benefit from the Czech health system.

We recommend to register at VZP which is the largest health care provider in the Czech Republic

In order to register, visit the VZP office in České Budějovice. Bring your valid EHIC card (blue European card). VZP will issue you a registration document (in Czech) with a registration number to the Czech public health insurance system. Keep carefully this document along with your EHIC card and take it with you in case you need to visit a doctor or hospital.

Students from Turkey can also register if they are holder of their E111 form.


Public Transport Card

As a student (younger than 26 years old), you can get a discounted price to use public transport in České Budějovice. You must bring a confirmation of studies to get the discount or valid ISIC card. Visit the website to know more and ask help from your buddy.


Bank account

In some cases, you may need some bank account during your stay at USB. You can choose the bank of your choice. It is an easy and quick procedure to open a bank account and most of bank officers are able to communicate in English.


The USB International Office and the Erasmus Student Network USB Budweis always run the Orientation Week prior to every semester. 

The Orientation Week is an introduction week for all new exchange students that will help them to get to know the university, its staff and campus better, to organise the necessary administrative and study duties, to experience a little bit of Czech culture and language and of course to have a lot of fun!


Orientation Week Summer Semester 2024

The Orientation Week will take place from 5th to 9th February 2024. It helps new exchange students (Erasmus+ and other short-term stays) with neccessary administration and getting to know the campus before the beginning of the semester.

Important and useful information shared during the week 

 Occupational Safety and Health and Fire Protection

 Map of the campus 

Do you need some other help?

Student cards and IT settings

* To get your student card, visit the card centre (Kartové centrum) in building M of the Faculty of Agriculture. You need to give a passport size photo, fill-in a little form and pay the fee (Basic USB card - no charge, ISIC card - 250 CZK).

Opening hours: 

 Monday:       8:00 - 12:00   13:00 - 17:00

Tuesday:      8:00 - 12:00   13:00 - 15:00

Wednesday: 8:00 - 12:00   13:00 - 16:00

Thursday:     8:00 - 12:00   13:00 - 15:00

Friday:          8:00 - 12:00   13:00 - 14:00

 * For the ID to university systems (STAG) and WIFI, visit the IT helpdesk (also in building M of the Faculty of Agriculture)


Questions linked with your studies - Contact your Faculty coordinator :


Erasmus Student Network USB Budweis - Office in Faculty of Economics, ground floor, room 023. 

ESN USB Budweis is a student organisation, which helps international students, provides buddies, organizes parties, trips and many other activities.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Facebook page: (Follow office hours on FB)

Instagram profile: (Follow office hours on IG)



You can check our offer of courses in foreign languages here:

Especially there are 2 courses that may interest any of you!

  •  CZECH LANGUAGE COURSE (Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science)

- Complete beginners (Course code: UBO/XERAZ or OJZ 550)


- Code KAJ/EKMD 



Check-list at the end of your stay

At the end of your study stay remember to:

1/ Check out from studies at your Faculty coordinator

The end of your studies is the date of your last exam.

Get the necessary documents (Transcript of records, Confirmation of study period)

2/ Check out from your accommodation 

If you are at USB dormitory, follow instructions of dormitory staff. Remember that you should announce your departure 30 days in advance.

3/ Spend/withdraw your credit on USB card

4/ Return all books to the Academic Library

5/ Give extra stuff to the ESN Storage

6/ Close your Czech bank account if you have one

7/ At the end of your stay at USB, you are welcome to join the USB Alumni Club

8/ Attend the farewell party

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