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The University introduced itself to prospective students

The University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice (USB) held Open Days on Friday 19 January 2024. This is one of the largest and most visited events, which regularly involves all eight faculties of the University. The event, mainly attended by prospective students, was held from 8am to 3pm.

Visitors to the Open Days received detailed information about the degree programmes offered at the individual faculties, the content of studies, admission requirements, graduates' employment in practice, opportunities for internships abroad, etc.

In addition to information about studies, the Open Days also offered an accompanying programme aimed at entertainingly presenting the individual degree programmes. Each faculty conceived it in its own way and the participants, in addition to obtaining information, visited the facilities of individual faculties, laboratories and professional workplaces. At a number of stations, prospective students were actively involved in the presentation and could try out a number of skills for themselves. Throughout the day, lecturers and students at each faculty were available to answer the curious questions of their future colleagues and to introduce the applicants to the news that each faculty had prepared for the next academic year.

For example, at the Faculty of Economics, the Open Days began with an introduction of the faculty itself and its approach to teaching, but also with an introduction to student life and the link between study and practice. This was followed by a detailed presentation of the individual degree programmes, where prospective students received precise information about their options and career prospects. Visitors also had the opportunity to talk about their studies with current students. In the virtual reality classroom, they could try out unusual teaching methods and technologies in practice. At the same time, a demonstration of the Industry 4.0 kit introduced a modern approach to economic and business processes. One of the interesting features was the opportunity to calculate one's ecological footprint, which drew many visitors' attention to the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Another innovation was the chance to talk to a new artificial intelligence avatar who answered various questions from visitors. This interaction showed prospective students how modern technology can enrich communication and provide personalised information. A Fairtrade Story Trail was also set up for the candidates to learn about the ethical and fair trade practices that the faculty supports.

This year the Faculty of Arts also prepared an informal part between the morning and afternoon programme, during which, thanks to a talk on the topic of studying at the university, and thus at the Faculty of Arts, or through a guided tour, interested students got acquainted with the current students and the environment of the faculty. The Faculty of Arts, which provides education in the fields of historical sciences, philology (English, Czech, French, Italian, German and Spanish), linguistics, literary studies, aesthetics, art history or cultural studies, also offers Bachelor's programmes with free combinations. Candidates can also choose from a range of Teacher Training for Secondary Schools degree programmes with a choice of two specializations.

The Simulation Centre for Health-oriented Fields of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences is always a great attraction at the Open Days, where the faculty prepares future medical personnel for their profession using modern methods and sophisticated models and devices. The faculty has also innovated the teaching of anatomy and physiology, which is now conducted in a specialised classroom using modern technology and virtual reality. In addition to the Open Days, the faculty has prepared instructional videos on its website for prospective students for each of its degree programmes.

This year, the Faculty of Science is also introducing new features, as it is the first in the Czech Republic to offer a unique two-year Master's degree programme in Teacher Training in Science for Secondary Schools. This new degree programme responds to the current reform of teacher training, is inspired from abroad and is an interesting choice for graduates of undergraduate teacher and non-teacher training programmes. This research-oriented faculty also offers not only a cutting-edge education in the natural sciences but also prepares secondary school teachers for their profession (mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, biology and computer science). Teacher training consists of two specialisations, so the candidate chooses a combination of two disciplines. The faculty also offers some combinations in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Theology. The faculty has also been successful in obtaining accreditation for the professional Bachelor's degree programme in Applied Informatics and for the Consecutive master's degree programme MAID (Artificial Intelligence and Data Science programme) in cooperation with the Technische Hochschule Deggendorf.

This year, applicants can also apply for the Faculty of Theology's bachelor's, consecutive master's and doctoral degree programmes in Theology, Philosophy, Leisure Pedagogy, Spirituality and Ethics in Social Work, Religious Studies, Social and Charitable Work, Ethics in Social Work and Theology of Ministry. The course can be studied in full-time or combined form. The faculty also offers a wide range of lifelong learning courses, which includes the University of the Third Age.

In response to the demands of a changing world, the Faculty of Education has come up with a new concept of teacher training called 'Teacher Pro Futuro'. Every year, there is great interest not only in the specialisations of the Teacher Training Programme for Primary Schools, of which the faculty offers a total of 16 but also, for example, in the degree programmes for the preparation of secondary school teachers (Physical Education, Music Education and Foundations of Social Sciences), Psychology or Special Education. The faculty has newly accredited the degree programme Physical Education and Sport for both bachelor's and consecutive master's studies. Another novelty is the accreditation of the Consecutive master's degree programme Teacher Training in Vocational Courses, which is implemented together with some other faculties of the University of South Bohemia, as well as the doctoral degree programme Didactics of STEM subjects.

The Faculty of Fisheries and Water Protection, which is unique in the Czech Republic and central Europe in its focus and programme offerings, offers education in the Fisheries and Water Protection programmes. The faculty places great emphasis on practical instruction and offers a generous scholarship programme for its students, who are already involved in research as part of their bachelor's and master's theses. Within the framework of the Open Days, this faculty has prepared for interested students, for example, demonstrations of the application of modern technologies in aquaculture, measurements of water chemistry, models of ponds and animals, microscopic techniques used not only in the study of fish reproduction, native and non-native species of crayfish, etc. Visitors could also taste fish products from the faculty's fish processing plant or buy specialised publications. 

The USB Faculty of Agriculture and Technology also offers an interesting composition of degree programmes, which intensively link studies with practice. The long-established degree programmes are continuously innovated so that their content responds to current trends in agriculture and society as a whole, such as the introduction of modern computer technologies, the use of artificial intelligence methods and others. Linked to this are a number of investments in cutting-edge instrumentation, which applicants will be able to see during the Open Days – the International Training and Development Centre of DeLaval, the Laboratory for Agriculture 4.0 or the workplace of the Department of Food Technology. The USB Faculty of Agriculture and Technology has also prepared two novelties for applicants this year. The first is a brand new building for the Department of Agroecosystems and the Department of Applied Chemistry. The second novelty is the opportunity to apply for the newly accredited doctoral programme Agriculture and Technology 4.0. Also in this degree programme, students can look forward to an intensive link between studies and practice, which the faculty places great emphasis on.

An information stand was available directly in the Rectorate building on Branišovská Street, where USB students gave basic information about the faculties and degree programmes and guided high school students to the individual buildings and lecture rooms of all faculties. Current students also gave visitors a better insight into student life at the university and helped them to navigate the faculties' websites and the central USB website.


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