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USB help to Ukraine

Helping Ukrainian students and employees of USB

The Rector’s Board of the University of South Bohemia issued a statement already on 22 February 2022 expressing the readiness to provide help to Ukrainian students and employees of the University.

At the beginning of March, the USB management terminated the cooperation (MoU) with universities in Russia, because of the support for the policy of Putin and the Russian government, which was expressed by the rectors of Russian universities in a joint statement.

Ukrainian students and employees of the University of South Bohemia who have found or will find themselves in need may turn to the international relations offices of individual faculties and the Rectorate or the student affairs offices of faculties. Direct help consists in providing extraordinary and social scholarships or by providing or finding accommodation for the families of students and employees who leave Ukraine.

The faculties of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice have accepted several researchers since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. For instance, the Faculty of Science of the University of South Bohemia has accepted two scientists since the beginning of the conflict. A professor from Ukraine, who works in the field of accounting and finance, is also working as a researcher at the Faculty of Economics of the University of South Bohemia. Her position is partially covered by the Neuron Endowment Fund. The Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters of the University of South Bohemia accepted four new scientists who are now working on agreements in the faculty's laboratories as specialists. From 1 April, 2022, the Faculty of Agriculture and Technology of the University of South Bohemia (until 18 March, the Faculty of Agriculture) hired a new researcher from Ukraine who is an expert in the field of intelligent systems for agriculture.

Furthermore, Deans of the USB faculties decided to award social scholarships to Ukrainian students who found themselves in financial need due to their bank accounts being frozen in Ukraine.

The management of the Faculty of Agriculture and Technology also decided on the preparation of accommodation capacities for around 30 people from Ukraine at its field station. The faculty also housed the families of some Ukrainian students.

The Faculty of Theology is prepared to admit students from Ukraine and will provide scholarships for 4 students until the end of 2022 from its own resources. The faculty may facilitate contact with the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox parish in South Bohemia for Ukrainian students, i.e. an established Ukrainian community that has long been living in the region. Equally, services of the faculty pastoral and psychological centre and the facilitation of spiritual care can be provided.

The USB Faculty of Education has offered its partner primary school in Mukachevo (Ukraine) the option of a stay at a summer camp for children. The faculty is also providing experts for the Regional assistance centre of help for Ukraine – specifically, they are social educators, special educators and psychologists as well as interpreters – in cooperation with the municipal council of České Budějovice and the Regional Authority of the South Bohemian Region. Additionally, the faculty is performing pedagogical assistance work at kindergartens and primary schools, where children of Ukrainian refugees have been enrolling, owing to the initiative of the students of the faculty.

In relation to the developments in Ukraine and long-term relations to some Ukrainian universities with the USB Faculty of Education. Support was successfully provided to colleagues from the university in Uzhhorod (The Eastern European Slavic University/ Східноєвропейський слов'янський університет) under the credit mobility of the Erasmus+ project. During their recent stay at the USB Faculty of Education in March, Ljudmila Nesuch, Rector of the university in Uzhhorod, and Stepan Selmensky, Vice-Rector, took part in discussions with the management of the faculty as well. The decision that they will try to present their students as well as educators the option of studying under the Erasmus programme at the USB Faculty of Education and that they will be searching for applicants for admission to studies in zero years from the next academic year from among secondary school students, was reached. Vice-Rector Selmensky also spoke about his contacts with primary and sports schools in Carpathian Ruthenia and the Kyiv area. When the situation allows, the joint preparation of one or two summer camps for these children will begin.

The financial collection based on the sale of badges/buttons designed by students of the Department of Art of the faculty represents another sphere of help.

The University Psychological Counselling Centre of USB operating at the USB Faculty of Education is prepared to provide immediate help to Ukrainian students and employees of the University while they are dealing with the hardships.

The Faculty of Arts has opened two extraordinary intensive courses of the Czech language, each for 25 persons. This courses are offered free of charge. The Faculty of Arts also awarded a monthly scholarship to all of its Ukrainian students until the end of this academic year – June 2022.

The USB Faculty of Economics is prepared to disburse extraordinary scholarships to students from Ukraine. Together with the partner of the faculty (Jednota spotřební družstvo České Budějovice), the faculty has also prepared packages including food and sanitary articles and coupons for the purchase of these items. The faculty has also secured accommodation for the family members of students in two apartments that the faculty has at its disposal.

The Faculty of Health and Social Sciences supported the initiative of students of the 2nd year of the study field of Civil Protection who have decided to contribute to help people in Ukraine and organised a collection of medicines, medical supplies and medical equipment. The collection will continue until 19 March. More information HERE!

The Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters has used its accommodation capacities for the families of students and employees of the faculty. 33 persons in total were successfully provided accommodation and the faculty is now helping them with other needs.

The management of USB has additionally announced two new University postdoctoral positions for Ukrainian academics. Apart from that, USB will also allow the executors of individual projects of the USB Grant Agency to expand their team by a Ukrainian colleague in doctoral or master’s studies and will increase the financial support for these projects accordingly.

The Biology Centre CAS (https://www.bc.cas.cz/en/) that is close to USB is also offering help with finding positions for Ukrainian colleagues in the corresponding areas of evolutionary biology, biomedicine and ecology within its Institutes of Parasitology, Entomology, Hydrobiology, Soil Biology, and Plant Molecular Biology.

Furthermore, the Director of the USB Dormitories and Refectories issued a decision on 24 February on providing a discount of 50% on the accommodation for Ukrainian students.

Initiative and help are coming from the students themselves. The Student Union of the University of South Bohemia has opened a transparent bank account to help their Ukrainian classmates:

Account number: 2902132095 / 2010

IBAN: CZ18 2010 0000 0029 0213 2095


The account is held with FIO banka.

The money will be used to partially cover the expenses related to the accommodation of Ukrainian students at D&R.

It is direct help for students registered through the following form: https://forms.gle/Fpqp6zSr4eqxfnf5A

The student association ESN USB Budweis is also helping. Its members organised a collection of medical supplies. The association publishes the details about the collection through its profiles on Instagram and Facebook.

Useful links for Ukrainian citizens:

Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

Refugee Facilities Administration of the Ministry of the Interior - phone number and email for Ukrainian citizens

Other useful links:

South Bohemian Region:

Regional assistance centre established by the South Bohemia Region

Center for Support of Integration of Foreigners – South Bohemian Region

You can also contribute to help Ukraine through the following organisations:






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