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Researchers‘ Night v České Budějovice: Chemistry for detectives, making smoke bombs and even dissecting cockroaches

Science shows, physical, chemical or biological experiments, demonstrations of the latest instruments and technologies, as well as a wide variety of games and workshops. Visitors to the Researchers' Night in České Budějovice with this year's central theme of ‘With all THE SENSES’ will experience this literally with all their senses. The event starts on Friday 30 September at 5 pm and promises a packed programme with more than a hundred different activities. In České Budějovice, the Biology Centre CAS, the University of South Bohemia, the Institute of Technology and Business, Eurocentrum České Budějovice, Europe Direct and Czechitas are involved.

As tradition dictates, on the last Friday in September, Researchers' Night offers an evening packed with science across Europe, when universities, science centres, research centres and other facilities open their doors to visitors in the evening and at night. And this year is no different. This year's edition will involve 80 institutions in 62 cities, with 1 780 programme events based on the theme With all THE SENSES. All programme events are free of charge and can be accessed at https://www.nocvedcu.cz/en

The University of South Bohemia will offer 74 programmes

It is the fourth time that the Researchers’ Night is taking place at the University of South Bohemia (USB). ‘At 17:00, we will open the gates of the campus, all faculties of the University of South Bohemia and the Academic Library. Visitors can choose out of 74 programmes in České Budějovice and Nové Hrady,’ says Zdeněk Filip, Researchers’ Night coordinator. Three other institutions – Czechitas, Europe Direkt and the Eurocentrum České Budějovice – will newly have their space at the Rectorate building.

Try to dissect a cockroach at the Biology Centre CAS

Have you ever seen a genetic mutant of a fruit fly, the compound eye of a dragonfly, the brain of a butterfly or even the violin played by a cricket? Not only the sensory organs of various animals will be on display at the Biology Centre CAS, which is located in the scientific complex with the University of South Bohemia. You can peek into the invisible microworld in the laboratories with the most expensive scientific microscopes, and the doors of the new Submarine Visitor Centre will also open. With its animated short films, you can dive under the surface of the pond, into the interior of plants or into the world of ticks. 'The biggest fans of biology will be able to try dissecting an American cockroach. We will also show what sound waves and sonars look like, how many colours white light contains, and we have also prepared an exhibition of excrements with a demonstration of parasites,' says Daniela Procházková from the Biology Centre CAS. In the ‘blind room’, visitors will experience perception without sight for a while; tasks have been prepared for them by the blind people from the organisation Návštěvy to POTMĚ. For the youngest, the theatre fairy tale Bela among the Bees will take place at 5 pm.

Smoke bombs will be made and detonated at the Institute of Technology and Business

The Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice has prepared more than 30 events for Friday evening. Visitors will have the opportunity to peek into higher education laboratories focusing on chemistry, engineering, construction, or expert evaluation, where they will be able to sharpen their senses during various activities. For example, you will get to see a demonstration of making and detonating a smoke bomb, a simulator of classic and racing FPV drones, exploring materials under a microscope, various chemical experiments, virtual reality or eye-tracking. This year, there will also be the first-ever podcast in the history of the institute focusing on the topic of EEG Biofeedback, a unique treatment method with proven positive effects on children and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD or insomnia. Visitors will also be able to visit the EEG Biofeedback lab on the Okružní campus.

Become an electrical conductor with the Eurocentrum and Europe Direct České Budějovice

EUROPE DIRECT a Eurocentrum České Budějovice are information centres of the European Union, which – just as the European Union – support science and research. Visit their science show at the Rectorate of the University of South Bohemia during the Researchers’ Night. Come and see what a rather unusual place a person can occupy in an electrical circuit. The place of a conductor. We'll prove to you that you can have enough current flowing through you that you won't be able to feel it, and still be strong enough to carry the signal to the speaker and trigger the music.

RESEARCHER’S NIGHT – The event was initiated by the European Commission in 2005. Its mission is not only to popularise science but also to introduce scientists and their work, which is often invisible to most people, yet accompanies us every step of the way - at the doctor, at school and on the road. In the Czech Republic, Researchers' Night is growing in importance every year. While in 2018, 31 institutions from all over the Czech Republic participated in the event, this year 64 organisers are involved, including 19 public universities.


Bc. Zdeněk Filip Researchers’ Night in České Budějovice coordinator, tel. 725 207 157

Mgr. Daniela Procházková – Biology Centre CAS, tel. 778 468 552

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