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Falling Walls Science Summit 2023

Top-notch scientists from all over the world discussing the innovations and challenges of our time while celebrating science: This is what the Falling Walls Science Summit is about.

One of the points on the agenda is the Falling Walls Lab, where 100 young scientists and innovators pitch their projects in front of a jury of world-class scientists and representatives from major multinational companies. We are especially pleased that this year's Czech representative Anıl Axel Tellbüscher, who won the Falling Walls Lab Czech Republic 2023, is studying at the University of South Bohemia. His pitch about nutrient capture and valorisation methods for aquaculture can be watched here.

During the Summit, it became quickly evident that Falling Walls is not about competition, but about meaningful connection and collaboration. Many interviews revealed that at a time when the low-hanging fruits of scientific discovery have already been “harvested”, it is unlikely that a lone “wolf” would conduct research of global significance. Not surprisingly, the most influential contributions were the result of extraordinary interdisciplinary work.

A glimpse of the programme:

Elaine Chew, King’s College London, Breaking the Wall to Musical Medicine

Elaine Chew is a renowned operations researcher and pianist. She is a Professor of Engineering in the Department of Cardiovascular Imaging at King’s College London. At Falling Walls, Chew harnessed her background in mathematics to delve into the intricacies of how music impacts the heart and is pivotal for harnessing its potential in cardiovascular therapies, thereby alleviating the societal burden imposed by cardiovascular ailments.

Chuan He, University of Chicago, Breaking the Wall to a New Green Revolution

He is credited for his pioneering research in reversible RNA methylation, uncovering innovative pathways in gene expression regulation, which have profound implications for both mammalian development and the understanding of various human diseases. At Falling Walls, he presented his groundbreaking research in plant biology, unveiling his visionary approach to enhancing agricultural productivity. By modulating chromatin demethylation, he envisions a future where rice and potato yields could surge by an impressive 50%, simultaneously bolstering their resilience against drought and various other stressors.

Ulrike Malmendier, University of California, Berkeley, Breaking the Wall to Inflation

Malmendier explores the profound influence that personal experiences exert on our economic behaviours and future predictions. She investigates the ways in which the fear of inflation can become ingrained in our cognitive processes, shedding light on the neurological underpinnings of this phenomenon.

Tammy Ma, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Breaking the Wall to Limitless Energy

Tammy Ma, the Lead for the Inertial Fusion Energy (IFE) Initiative at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, played a pivotal role in the historic achievement of fusion ignition in December 2022 at the National Ignition Facility. Unlike the prevailing method of energy generation used globally, fusion offers the potential for generating massive amounts of energy with significantly reduced dangerous by-products. At Falling Walls, Ma discussed her once-in-a-lifetime breakthrough and the pressing need for sustainable energy solutions that could become possible in a fusion-powered world.

Text: MSc. Anil Axel Tellbüscher (USB Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters)

Photo source and copyright: © Falling Walls Foundation


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