Učitel má společensky velmi důležité povolání, které je zároveň inspirativní a zajímavé. Působí na děti a dospívající mládež, může jim být vzorem i oporou. Být učitelem je obohacující, zábavná, nestereotypní činnost plná nových výzev a zajímavých situací. Práce učitele je společensky vysoce oceňována, v posledních letech se velmi zlepšilo také finanční ohodnocení učitelů a podmínky pro jejich profesní rozvoj. 

Každý, koho baví pracovat s dětmi nebo mladými lidmi, kdo se sám rád vzdělává, učí a rozvíjí, by měl jít studovat učitelství. 

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Top 10 reasons to study in the Czech Republic and at USB


The Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe. The region of South Bohemia and the city of České Budějovice are situated 120km from the capital, so their location allows comfortable travelling within the whole Czech Republic and central Europe which gives its residents a perfect chance to easily explore the rest of the continent.


Safety is one of the most important factors considered when choosing a country for studying abroad. The Czech Republic belongs to the top ten safest countries in the world. In addition, The Czech Republic also boasts an efficient healthcare system.

Value for Money

The Czech Republic and the South Bohemian Region boast one of the lowest costs of living compared to the rest of Europe. Living in the Czech Republic is more affordable than in other European countries. You will get accommodation, food, public transport, and entertainment opportunities at affordable prices.

Unique European experience

Czech cultural heritage is very rich, diverse, and highly authentic. In the heart of Europe, you will discover countless World Heritage sites and amazing places with an incredible atmosphere. Combined with the fascinating Czech culture, unique traditions and excellent food, the Czech Republic will become an unforgettable experience. The culture of beer and beer brewing in the historical Czech lands should not be forgotten either.

Nature and outdoor activities

And how about lovers of nature and relaxation? With its beautiful mountain ranges, national parks, winding rivers, countless ponds, and other amazing natural sites, the Czech Republic, and the Region of South Bohemia are the best choice in all four different seasons – experience spring nature walks, swimming in the summer, farm fun in the autumn, skiing in the winter – the possibilities are truly endless.

High-quality educational system and scholarships

The Czech Republic is renowned for high-quality education, modern methods, individual approach to students and access to industry-based opportunities once you graduate. Czech universities are known for their high-quality research as well.  The high standard of education is proven by passing strict criteria of prestigious international rankings and great placement within them. Students can obtain different scholarships based on study results, current financial situation, etc.

Diverse degree programmes and exchange opportunities

Come and choose from a wide range of interesting and unique degree programmes or just for a short experience, a summer school or an internship. Everything is possible. Perhaps you will find your time in the Czech Republic so interesting that you might decide to stay because there are countless opportunities to build your career after graduation as you will have free access to the job market.

Work and Study

Studying and working at the same time is very common in the Czech Republic. International students can work while studying and finding a part-time or summer job is not such a big deal.  There are many national and international companies located in the Czech Republic, so the ability to speak or understand various foreign languages can be a big plus.

International community

The Czech Republic is a welcoming, friendly place for international students. International communities are strong and there is always someone to help you settle in and get to know a new country. In addition, you can use the help of ESN associations, their buddies are always ready to help.

Innovative and dynamic

The Czech Republic is a country that is constantly developing while using innovative approaches to education, work and sustainable living. It is the ninth most advanced economy in the European Union, which makes the Czech Republic a stable country for life and career as well.

Study in the heart of the European Union!

The Czech Republic has been a full member of the European Union since 2004. The Czech Republic holds the Presidency of the Council of the EU for the second time in the second half of 2022. Its task is to set the agenda and priorities of the EU Council, chair its meetings, seek compromises between individual states, and represent the Union in negotiations with other EU institutions and external partners.

Programme of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU:

Managing the refugee crisis and post-war reconstruction in Ukraine

Energy security

Strengthening European defence capabilities and cyber security

Strategic resilience of the European economy

Resilience of democratic institutions

That sounds like a smart choice!

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