University dormitories

Basic information

Dormitories (K1 - K5)

  • K1-K4 are ten-storey buildings situated inside the university campus.
  • K1 has been recently renovated. It offers single and double rooms organised in the "cell-system" (small apartment) - In each small apartment there are 3 single rooms and 2 double rooms sharing toilets and the bathroom as well as the kitchenette.
  • K2 and K3 provide double bedrooms with a refrigerator, sink, hot and cold water, desks, beds and cupboards. Sanitary facilities (WC, showers, washing machine) are located on the corridor. The common kitchen is situated on each floor.
  • K4 provides double rooms organised in the "cell-system" of two rooms (small apartment) with its own sanitary facility (toilets, bathroom). The shared kitchen is located on each floor. K4 will be closed for a complete renovation from 1st July 2020.
  • K5 is away from the campus (about a 15-minute walk away), next to the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences. It provides double and triple rooms with its own sanitary facility (WC, shower). The shared kitchen is located on each floor.
  • There are a TV room and a laundry room in each building. All buildings are equipped with an elevator.
  • See the map of the locations of the University Dormitories

ATTENTION: From 1st July 2020 the K4 dormitory is completely CLOSED for renovation. 

Overview of equipment and facilities at dormitories: see here


  • Internet is available in all student rooms. The connection is only possible using a network cable. You need to bring your own cable.
  • WIFI (Eduroam) is available only at the K1 dormitory.
  • Eduroam network can also be set at your home university. 


The price list is available here

  • The payment has to be done one month in advance, always by the 20th of the month for the payment covering the next month.
  • Be prepared to pay for the first month at the check-in in cash in Czech crowns or by card.
  • Due to the decree of the statutory city of České Budějovice n°4/2019 on local fees effective from 1st January 2020, USB Dormitories are required to charge an accommodation fee for each stay of fewer than 61 days. This fee is paid to the relevant municipal area. The current fee rate is 15 CZK/person/night.
    If you stay at USB Dormitories longer than 61 days, you will not have to pay the fee. 
    If you planned a longer stay at USB Dormitories, but your stay is shortened to fewer than 60 days, you will be charged the fee retroactively. 


How to apply


It is not possible to choose the residence or room that you will stay in, the place will be assigned to you according to current room availability



  • Before arrival at the dormitory, please study the Student Accommodation Code carefully.
  • In case of any problem or change (i.e., if you decide to cancel or change the accommodation or need to change the arrival date...), it is very important to inform the Head of the dormitory.




 Responsible person

Phone E-mail
K1, K2, K3 Petra Dvořáková

+420 387 774 201
K5 Šárka Tůmová +420 387 774 501


Complete information and pictures of dormitories are available at (in Czech or partly translated)