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Fakulta Přírodovědecká fakulta
Studijní program Zoology P1502
Studium (forma, typ) kombinovaná, doktorské
Akademický titul Ph.D.
Délka studia (roky) 4
Anotace oboru The study field involves a thorough training in biology and ecology of animals, methodological approaches to the research of major vertebrate and invertebrate taxa, namely their phylogeny, morphology, ecology, behaviour, and ecophysiology. Each student is obliged to acquire a minimum of 240 credits. The study is completed by a final state examination consisting of examinations in the field of study and a defence of the candidate's doctoral dissertation. At least part of the results of the candidate's own research included in the thesis must be published prior to the defence.
Cíle oboru The degree 'Doctor (Ph.D.)' ensures that the graduates are equipped with the necessary skills and methodological knowledge to undertake original research in their chosen field of study. They have all the necessary pre-requisites for leading positions in a broad array of biologically oriented fields of research and management. Graduates are expected to launch their professional careers at research and educational institutions, including universities, in museums, at institutes of applied research, in public and state authorities, commercial concerns, and in specialised laboratories.

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