Private accommodation

Here are some links you may find useful if you are looking for accommodation. Some websites are in the Czech language, but you can use Google Translate for a quick translation if you don't speak Czech.


1. Private student dormitories

2. Flatsharing/Roomsharing


3. Renting a flat


Best locations for a flat based on the distance to the faculties:

The Rectorate of the University, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Fisheries (some study programmes) and the Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences are all situated on the university campus on Branišovská street. The nearest private accommodation can be found in the housing areas called ŠUMAVA, MÁJ and ČTYŘI DVORY (these locations are 10 minutes away from the campus on average).

The Faculty of Fisheries is also present in the town of Vodňany (approx. 30 km from České Budějovice) or the town of Nové Hrady where there are research institutes of the Faculty, so check where you are going to study first and arrange your accommodation accordingly. In Vodňany and in Nové Hrady, there also are university dormitories.

The Faculty of Health and Social Sciences has several buildings in České Budějovice, walking distance of each other. The nearest housing areas are VLTAVA (south part) and ČTYŘI DVORY. The areas ŠUMAVA and MÁJ are around 10-20 minutes away. The K5 dormitory is next to the Faculty.

Buildings of the Faculty of Education are located around the main city centre. Instruction is divided between two buildings depending on your field of study/individual courses: one of the buildings is on Jeronýmova street, and the other is in Dukelská street. All buildings are within walking distance of each other (4 stops by bus from the university campus)

The Faculty of Theology is also located in the main city centre and there is also a canteen in the same building. (4 stops by bus from the university campus)


What does a typical flat in České Budějovice look like?

  • Flats are usually used by several students, for example, a 3-bedroom flat is usually occupied by 6 students, a 2-bedroom flat by 4 students. Students are used to sharing rooms
  • Depending on location, occupancy and the size of the flat, the monthly rent per student would usually cost around CZK 2'000 to CZK 5'000
  • Besides renting a flat/room in blocks of flats, there is also the option of renting a flat/room in a family house all around the city of Czech Budějovice. Families offering such flats/rooms for rent usually live downstairs and the flat/room that they rent to students is on the first floor. Sometimes the whole house may be rented to students. These flats/rooms are usually very nice and there are often gardens that may be used but tend to be far from the University (exceptions may be found).