The term "freemover" has no formal status. It is used loosely to designate a student who is accepted to study at a university in another country, usually for a semester, sometimes for a year, outside of any regular or standard programme (e.g. Erasmus, a special bilateral agreement exchange programme between the two universities, etc.). As such, the student in question is being accepted at the host university as an act of good will on its part.

This of course means that every university has a different policy. Some do not (or cannot, for legal reasons) admit freemovers at all. Others, particularly those wishing to increase the international student presence at their institution, welcome them, especially if a general  wide university agreement on cooperation has been signed with a student’s home institution. In come cases they may require some fees to be paid. In any case, it is totally at the discretion of the university in question as to whether it wants to accept the student or not, and under what conditions. Often this is done when a student wants to come because of a particular specialization offered there, or the presence of a professor who is the leading expert in his or her field.

At the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice it is at the discretion of individual faculties whether or not to admit freemovers. If you would like to study at the University of South Bohemia with the status of “freemover”, please contact the international office or the office of studies of the faculty in question. Direct links to their websites:

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