Courses in foreign languages

Incoming exchange students (Erasmus+ and other programmes) can study a wide range of courses in English and other foreign languages throughout the faculties.

To choose the courses you want to study, follow these steps:


1st step: Look at the offered courses at individual faculties. 

* Cross-disciplinary courses

- "Intercultural understanding" - Course code: DPF/EMP

- "English for study mobility abroad" - Course code: DPF/EAJZ

- "Czech for foreigners" - Course code: UBO/XERAZ (beginners-začátečníci) or UBO/XERAP (advanced-pokročilí)

* Faculty of Education

* Faculty of Arts

* Faculty of Economics

* Faculty of Science

* Faculty of Agriculture

* Faculty of Health and Social Sciences 

* Faculty of Theology

* Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Water - Please, contact the Faculty coordinator Mrs Lucie Kačerová


2nd step: To see the description of the course, copy the course code into the Course Catalogue

Instructions "How to use the Course Catalogue.pdf"