Study Programmes in Foreign Languages

A complete overview of all study programmes in foreign languages is available in the Study programmes brochure. 

For more information about study programmes, check the following websites of USB faculties:


Faculty of Arts

Bachelor programme (double degree) - Applied Foreign Languages for International Business (LEA)

Master programmes (double degrees) - Linguistics and Sociolinguistics, Linguistics (Text and Discourse), Linguistics and Terminology, Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language

Doctoral programmes – Theory and History of Modern Czech Literature, Archaeology


Faculty of Agriculture

Master programme – Multifunctional agriculture


Faculty of Economics

Master programme (joint degree) - Regional and European Project Management

Doctoral programme – Management and Business Economics


Faculty of Education

Master programme (joint degree) - European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations


Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters

Master programme – Fishery and Protection of Waters

Doctoral programmes – Fishery, Protection of Aquatic Ecosystems


Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

Bachelor programme – Nursing


Faculty of Science

Bachelor programme – Biological Chemistry  (double degree)

Master programmes – Biological Chemistry (double degree), Ecology, Experimental Biology, Botany, Ecosystem Biology, Parasitology, Zoology

Doctoral programmes – Botany, Entomology, Ecosystem Biology, Hydrobiology, Molecular and Cell Biology and Genetics, Parasitology, Physiology and Developmental Biology, Biophysics, Zoology, Infection biology, Biochemistry


Faculty of Theology

Doctoral programmes - Charity Studies, Philosophy, Theology (in English) or Caritaswissenschaft, Theologie (in German)