Application procedure

Application process usually runs during Spring for the beginning of the semester in October.

The concrete requirements and conditions of admission depend on the faculty and the concrete study programme. Application procedures are published on the website of the faculties.

Please see the web link Study programmes in foreign languages.

Applicants need to have a solid knowledge of the language in which the programme is taught. Usually the requested level is B2.

How to prove your prior education?

There are tuition fees for degree studies followed in foreign languages. The amount of the fees depend on the concrete study programme. Please, check the conditions at the website of each Faculty. There is an application fee of 500 CZK. There may be also extra fees during studies for example for extending the duration of study beyond a set limit, or for the study of an additional programme to the original studied.

Under some conditions, PhD students may receive a scholarship.

After being admitted to a study programme, check the visa requirements (more information in the section Practical info). Please keep in mind that the visa process may be very long (after getting an appointment at the consulate, the delay to receive a student visa is up to 60 days)

After admission, to prepare your arrival you can find many practical information in the section Practical info.