Scholarships and bursaries

The students of the University of South Bohemia may benefit from the following scholarships and bursaries:

  • merit-based scholarship
  • premium scholarship for excellent research, development and innovation, artistic or other creative results
  • scholarship to support research, development and innovation activities of students
  • bursary
  • extraordinary scholarship
  • scholarship for students with special needs
  • grant to support the development of co-operation with practice
  • accommodation bursary
  • grant in support of studies abroad
  • grant in support of studies in the Czech Republic
  • basic scholarship for students of doctoral degree programmes


The scholarships and the rules for awarding are defined by the Scholarship Regulations of the USB.

General overview of scholarships for studies in the Czech Republic is available on the website of Study in the Czech Republic.

Contact the study office of particular faculty to learn more about scholarships and bursaries.