Grading system

Assessment of Studies:

1. The basic forms of the study assessment are:

  • zápočet = subject pass (without examination)
  • zkouška = an examination
  • kolokvium = a colloquium
  • státní zkouška = state final examination

2. During the course of a semester, other forms of study assessment may be employed:

  • monitoring queries
  • written tests
  • individual assignments
  •  semestral assignment

       In compliance with the subject syllabus, the results of these assessments may be accordingly taken into account during the examination.

3. The results of the subject passes (without examination) and examinations are recorded in the USB on-line study agenda IS STAG

4. At the same time, the documentation of the students’ results is kept in the printed record of a student’s studies, which has two forms - a student record book (“index”) and a catalogue of subject passes (without examination) and examinations. Based on the IS STAG documentation, the International Office (Exchange students) or the Study Department (degree students) of the Faculty carries out administration related to the admission procedure of applicants, their enrolment, studies and the proper completion of study.

The examination marks correspond with the ECTS credit system:

 Points   Grade    Examination    University of South Bohemia examination ("zkouška")

 University of South Bohemia ("zápočet")  

subject pass (without examination)                    

 91 -100        A  1   1 = výborně (excellent)

  R ("započteno") 

  = subject pass achieved

 81 - 90  B  1,5   1,5 = výborně mínus (excellent minus)                                                      
 71 - 80  C  2   2 = velmi dobře (very well)
 61 - 70  D  2,5  2,5 = velmi dobře mínus (satisfactory)
 51 - 60  E  3   3 = dobře (passed)
 0 - 50  F, FX  4   4 = nedostatečně (failed)  ("nezapočteno")                                = subject pass not achieved

The examination result of a student enrolled in a Doctoral degree programme is evaluated by the examiner using the mark “passed” (“prospěl”) or “failed” (“neprospěl”).

Examination period

  • The examinations and resit examinations usually take place during the examination period specified in the schedule of the relevant academic year.
  • The examiner determines and announces a sufficient number of examination dates for individual subjects no later than three weeks before the end of the teaching period in the semester.
  • The students sign up for the examinations by means of the IS STAG.


Basic examination rules

  • A student who cancelled in time shall be treated as if he/she never signed up for the examination.
  • Students are entitled to cancel no later than 24 hours before the examination is to take place. Provided that a student withdraws from the examination after its beginning, fails to attend the examination without a due excuse or violates the examination rules to a serious extent, he/she shall be marked as “failed” (“nevyhověl”)
  • A student can make an additional excuse for serious reasons, especially health ones, however no later than by the fifth day from the date set for the examination.
  • Given that the student has failed in the examination, he/she is entitled to a first resit examination. Should he/she fail in the first resit examination as well, he/she is entitled to take a second resit examination within the provided dates.


Completion of degree studies

The students shall obtain a University Diploma for a successful completion of the degree programme along with the certificate of all completed subjects in a form of the Diploma Supplement in Czech and English pursuant to the ECTS standard.