Study programmes and fields of study

At USB students can choose from more than 220 study programmes in a wide range of study fields. Study programmes are offered at 8 faculties, which are specialized in concrete disciplines.

List of All Accredited Study Programmes (in Czech and in English)


Find out more about study programmes at the websites of our faculties:

Faculty of Economics

Graduates from this faculty are among the most sought after in a market with the lowest unemployment rate – 1.1%. Due to collaboration with various corporations, graduates can fill key middle and senior management positions. For example, you can study business, company management, accounting and finance or informatics.

Study Programmes at the Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Fisheries & Protection of Waters

The Faculty is among the most advanced and comprehensive centres in Europe preparing professionals for fisheries, government administration and environmental institutions in the Czech Republic and EU. You can fully exploit the experimental facilities for study and research in aquaculture, hydrobiology, toxicology, fish diseases, reproduction, genetics, fish and crayfish breeding.

Study Programmes at the Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters

Faculty of Arts

The Faculty trains the scientists and high school teachers of the future. Lectures are held in modern and newly equipped lecture halls, seminar rooms and laboratories. Study history, archaeology, archiving, Bohemistics, aesthetics, European studies, history of art, German and Romanic studies.

Study Programmes at the Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Education

This is the largest USB faculty. The faculty prepares the teachers of the future, particularly for the first and second primary school stages and kindergarten. You can also take advantage of the many international educational programmes. The faculty has a tradition of educating teachers in the South Bohemia Region that stretches back more than 70 years. Teachers can study and specialize in IT, foreign languages, physical education, biology, mathematics, civic sciences and psychology.

Study Programmes at the Faculty of Education

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science offers remarkable modern facilities and cutting-edge research. The professional studies available focus on disciplines in biological chemistry, physics, informatics and mathematics. The study programmes also include multidisciplinary education for teachers of the future. The Faculty operates a field station in the tropical and polar regions. It closely cooperates with the Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Study Programmes at the Faculty of Science

Faculty of Theology

The main pillars of education are the biblical sciences, practical theology, philosophy, ethics and the history of the church. Theological studies in South Bohemia have a tradition that stretched back over two hundred years.  Faculty graduates can apply for positions in the church, cultural and educational organizations and in the public sphere as social workers and educators.

Study Programmes at the Faculty of Theology

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

The second largest USB Faculty is one of the few schools in the Czech Republic that connects with health and social issues - graduates can utilize a comprehensive holistic approach and improve both body and soul. This is one such reason why they do not have a problem when it comes to finding employment. You can study disciplines that include rehabilitation, health protection, social care and nursing.

Study programmes at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

Faculty of Agriculture

This is the oldest USB Faculty, yet reflects the current trends in European agriculture – focussing on the technological, natural, social, economic and cultural aspects of agriculture. You can also study applied sciences – Agro-ecology, quality of products, plant biotechnology and similar. Faculty graduates go on to become successful professionals in production, services, management and research.

Study Programmes at the Faculty of Agriculture

Lifelong learning

Professional and recreational lifelong learning courses are ideal for anyone wanting to supplement, enhance and expand their knowledge or qualifications. The offer also includes the University of the Third Age and Children´s University.

Lifelong learning programmes

You can also attend one-year Intensive Czech Language Course (25 lessons a week, target level B1, price approx: 79000CZK)

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