Technology transfer

Collaboration between the University and the commercial sector

The Academic Centre for the Transfer of Technology at the University of South Bohemia has served as an intermediary between professional experts from the University of South Bohemia and businesses since 2012.

Services for businesses

You can take advantage of:

  • Creativity of researchers at SBU and the Biology Centre of AS CR
  • Laboratory capacity, contract research, licensing and professional consultation
  • Active support in setting up spin-off and start-up companies
  • Consultation on how to protect the results of your own research – patents, etc.

Services for SBU workplaces

What are we beneficial for?

  • We are a contact centre prior to publishing research and development results
  • We protect the intellectual property of SBU – our “family jewels”
  • We search for options to implement research in practice
  • We engage SBU in development at regional and national level


  Project website contains further information on our projects and offer for cooperation.