USB has achieved excellent results in the Academic Bicycle Challenge!

The University of South Bohemia competed in the international Academic Bicycle Challenge in June 2021 and achieved a great result!

The ABC Challenge is a competition for universities from all around the world that helps to promote the participating institutions and improve their international prestige. Moreover, it promotes a healthy lifestyle and supports environmental preservation.

USB has earned 3rd place out of the 17 universities that have participated so far and 28 universities to participate in total. The number of kilometres that USB cycled would be enough to travel the entire circumference of the world – astonishing 41 281km!

USB has shown by its performance that it is a premium quality institution in the areas of education, science & research, but also in enthusiasm, sports performance & teamwork.

The best performing riders, faculty and team will be announced soon and rewarded with a stunning trophy.

We would like to thank all faculties, individual riders, students and colleagues at the University of South Bohemia for all the amazing effort and wonderful enthusiasm!