The university started 2nd stage of campus improvements project and building of new parking lot

Changes in the central campus area are continuing in second stage which constist of revitalization of space between library and dorms. Also due to a rising demand for parking spots in university areal a new parking lot for 150 cars next to the Science and Technology center is being build, the construction should be done by the end of the year.

The 2nd stage is following improvements and changes done in campus area in last fall and this spring. A nice relaxing park for students and visitors was created between university assembly hall, Rectorate and Faculty of Philosophy building and Academic library.

„We plan to revitalizate the area between main sidewalk around Academic library towards dormitories and further to the building of Faculty of Economy. The main part of work should be finished this year and the whole project will continue until next april,“ said Lumír Luštický,a head of Investment department of University of South Bohemia.

This stage will constist of same work as first stage, this means building of new sidewalks, distribution of public lighting and lights, benches and relaxing areas. The final task will be planting of trees, shrubs and flowers. In this area we prepared and interesting feature, in central part we plan to plant a circle of meadow flowers. Also final work from stage 1 will be finished (eg. more benches, lighting, sheltered area).

The total amount for 2nd stage of project is aproximatelly 8,5 million czech crowns. The main purpose of these improvements in campus is to provide relaxing and pleasant enviroment which will make campus area more atractive and also serve as a place for various social and culture events. The project also responds to absence of resting zones in university campus. In the future a 3rd stage of project will focus on area near Faculty of Economy.