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All documents were sent to the European Commission on 30. 11. 2018.

Dear colleagues,

Every university holds assets such as buildings, equipment and land. The greatest riches, however, are not hidden in things but in people. The term “human resources” commonly used in this context may be descriptive and clear, however it is necessary to view people as unique and original individuals rather than some “resource mass”. Focus on appreciation and utilisation of all the abilities and creativity of each individual requires constant attention paid to processes and communication pathways at both the hierarchical as well as peer level.

To ensure that all staff members and students are satisfied with all areas of their work and study life is, of course, virtually impossible, as humans are not only thinking creatures but also creatures who are never content.  Even so, it is the task of the University management to strive for, and to come as close as possible to, the goal of overall satisfaction and contentment.

The HR Award project, which our University participates in, represents one of the steps taken as part of this endeavour. I really appreciate the response of the members of the academic community and other staff members of the University of South Bohemia to the HR survey. It has provided valued input for further work of the University management.

I am aware of the fact that one of the long term problems and challenges we face is the provision of good communication between the University management and the individual Faculties, between the University management and the members of the academic community of the University, between the University management and the members of the academic community of the individual Faculties etc. This is one of the top priorities for the current management.

I believe that in the coming months we will be able to take further steps towards better information flow, increased understanding between the superior and subordinate staff members, teachers and students etc., so that even the ones who are in somehow weakened or disadvantaged positions can be heard.

It is not possible to build an already established ideal. However, it is possible to strive for a situation when the University is increasingly perceived by all of us as a joint undertaking which is close to our hearts and of which we are proud and happy to be a part.

doc. Tomáš Machula, Ph.D., Th.D.

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