The President of the Czech Republic awarded our longtime colleague

The President Milos Zeman handed the award to the winners of the 18th edition of the survey Golden Rescue Cross . Mirek Hromada, employee of the rectorate, together with his wife Lenka provided professional first aid to victims of a serious traffic accident

This year, the judges evaluated 77 acts in a total of 11 categories.
The award was also given to the couple, Lenka and Miroslav Hromadovi, who rescued 4 seriously injured people including 3 children from the crashed car, although Mrs. Hromadová was in the  in last stage of pregnancy. The rescuers appreciated the professionality of their intervention at the car crash.
The event took place on June 20 at Dubné. "We were going to work with my wife and picked up my son at the nursery school in Dubné. Nearby the village, we saw an old ARO off-road car crashed into a tree. We ran out of the car and found there four unconscious people in it, the driver and three little girls, some with serious injuries and cranial fractures. I managed to get all of them out of the car and together with my wife we gave them first aid. Gradually, all of them became conscious again and it was important to keep contact with them, "remembers Mirek Hromada, who works at the Rectorate as the Head of the Department of Management and Maintenance of Buildings.
Zeman told to the awarded people that in the case of the Golden Rescue Cross there was no first and second league, gold, silver and bronze medals "You are all the first league and you all have a gold medal," he said.