The Faculty of Science of the University of South Bohemia has introduced a new and unique mass spectrometer with high resolution.

The Lab of Proteomics of the Faculty of Science USB has been equipped with a unique mass spectrometer tims-TOF (producer Bruker Daltonics). Tims-TOF belongs to mass spectrometers with high resolution and uses technologies different from other types of similar appliances.

The implementation of the new technology based on ion mobility, so-called PASEF, leads to the high sensitivity of the appliance and the lab of proteomics can thank to this technology secure a complex proteomic analysis of samples without the loss of sensitivity by characterization of less occurred proteins.

Thanks to the financing from the Faculty of Science and the University of South Bohemia, a new demo lab Bruker Daltonics will be established and it will allow, to those who are interested, to test the appliance on real samples.  

The top equipment of the Proteomics Lab together with all modern technologies available at the University of South Bohemia, the Faculty of Science and Biology Centre CAS create unique possibilities for the scientific research and education of young scientists within the Czech Republic and middle Europe.