The Faculty of Agriculture of the USB opened a new department

The Faculty of Agriculture of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice has been extended and on February 16, 2015 it opened a new workplace – The Department of Agricultural Products Quality.

The foundation of the new department was being prepared for several years and it is associated with an ever-increasing need of the research in the quality of products. The new department will use their newly reconstructed workplace including laboratories as well as new technical equipment for their activities.

The Faculty of Agriculture has been involved in the field of product quality research for a long period. The management of the faculty has conducted negotiations with agricultural and food processing companies and they are also preparing a conclusion of bilateral agreements on mutual cooperation in the field of quality certification and technology of production processes, including food processing biotechnologies. In the preparation phase of the project there is a renovation of the existing premises in a purpose-built facility, where it is being prepared a construction of a microbrewery and teaching laboratories for milk and meat processing. All this will serve both teaching and research.

The head of the newly created department was appointed Ing. Pavel Smetana, Ph.D.