Students from all over the world have come to study quantitative ecology in České Budějovice

The Faculty of Science of the University of South Bohemia offers students from European countries under Erasmus semester module of Quantitative ecology (Quantitative Ecology).

However, this module is also accessible to students of other non-EU countries not participating in the Erasmus programme.

This year, 25 students from all over the world arrived in České Budějovice and all continents are represented with the exception of Australia (from outside the EU, USA, Switzerland, Argentina, South Korea, Algiers). Magisterští students and PhD from all over the world are studying several courses focused on methods of data processing from ecological projects, but also many others (field tracking, courses dedicated to tropical, evolutionary, or molecular ecology, or ecology Environmental invasions).
At the same time, they created teams with Czech students, whose goal is to write real articles in scientific journals based on the data provided by the supervisors. And because not only the work is human, they also live a social life and recognize the cultural life of the university and beyond. The participation of these students in the life of the university creates a Dělné international environment that is stimulating also for Czech students of ecological disciplines.