In connection with the current guidelines issued by the National Security Council CZ, I define the following measures:

Study activities requiring students’ attendance at the USB premises are cancelled.

The same applies to CŽV courses including U3V and BC and GC educational activities.

USB Academic Library will be closed, including adjacent spaces.

The operation of the dormitories remains unchanged. We advise students from the Czech Republic to move to their place of residence for the period of cancelled teaching.

The operation of Menza is maintained but to a limited extent according to the current situation; serving hatches at FT and FHSS will be closed.

The operation of the children's group is maintained.

Employees – parents of children whose school and preschool facilities have been closed will be allowed to work from home during the closure period if their work description enables it.

Information on the issue of studies is provided by the faculty's study department, in case of questions, the study department turns to the Vice-Rector for Study Affairs (shifting of the terms relating to the study will be assessed according to the duration of this situation).

The measures are valid until further notice.


Doc. Tomáš Machula, Ph.D., Th.D.

In České Budějovice, 10. 3. 2020