Rector's Award for prestigious scientific publication was awarded to three authors

At the meeting of the Scientific Board of the University of South Bohemia on March 16, 2016, the Rector, prof. Libor Grubhoffer, awarded three authors with the Rector's Award for prestigious scientific publication for the year 2015.


Name: Aufklärung oder Illuminismus? Die Enzyklopädie des Grafen Franz Josef Thun

Author: doc. PhDr. et Dr. phil. Ivo Cerman, Ph.D. (FF JU)

Annotation: This more than 300-page monograph published in the prestigious Franz Steiner Verlag publishing house presents a unique perspective on the relationship between illuminism and enlightenment. The book deals with the esoteric work of the Count Franz Joseph Thun (1734-1801), which incorporates into the European context.

Natural and Agricultural Sciences:

Title: Mechanism of photoprotection in the cyanobacterial ancestor of plant proteins antenna. Nat. Chem. Biol. 11, 287-291, 2015. ISSN: 1552-4450

Author: Dr. Hristina Staleva (FS SBU). J. Komenda, M. K. Shukla, V. Šlouf, R. Kaňa T. Polivka, R. Sobotka

Annotation: Publication in the prestigious journal Nature Chemical Biology describes a breakthrough in the understanding of the physical essence of the conversion of light radiance into the heat radiance, that occurs under certain conditions in light collecting complexes of plants. The importance of the publication underscores the fact, that it was chosen for the cover page of the relevant edition of the Nature Chemical Biology journal, and it was also presented in the section "News & Views".

Rector's Award for popularizing / surveillance work:

Name: Subject didactics: development-state-perspective

Author: prof. PaedDr. Iva Stuchlíková, PhD. (PF JU)

Prof. PaedDr. Iva Stuchlíková, Ph.D., was the editor of the monograph along with doc. Janik (Masaryk University Brno),.

Annotation: The aim of the book is to give an insight into the development and status of subject didactics in the Czech Republic and outline prospects for their future direction. Individual chapters in the book deal with didactics of the Czech language, literature, foreign languages, mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry, biology, geography, history, social studies and expressive disciplines.