Matriculation of students at the University of South Bohemia and opening of the Children's University

This week were held matriculation of the first-year students of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral study programmes. During the ceremony, the students take an oath and are officially accepted into the academic community of the University of South Bohemia.

Since early October, when the new academic year began, until the end of the month four thousand new students, who now attend more than 200 study programmes at eight faculties, will be matriculated.
Those students are also joined by seventy children who will attend the Children's University of the University of South Bohemia. In twenty-five years history of the university, this is the first time that the Children's University is offered to children. Matriculation of the children took place on Saturday 15 October and approximately 150 relatives - parents, siblings, grandparents, came to support the children at that matriculation ceremony.
The Children´s university will be attended by 6 to 12 years old pupils who are interested in studying the world. Within the Children's University, the children will become familiar with the university environment and they will acquire new knowledge, all in a playful way. There are three faculties involved in the program – Faculty of Education, Fisheries and Protection of Waters and Health and Social Studies. Other faculties are also planning to get involved in the future.