JU students and staff can get discount on annual memberships in the project Rekola

A successful community project of bike sharing, which has already been working in Prague and other cities, expanded to České Budejovice last year. The University of South Bohemia is a new partner of the project and so the students and staff can use the pink bikes „Rekola“ and get a significant discount.

Just register with your university email and pay a registration fee. For students and employees of the University of South Bohemia the annual membership is only CZK 500, usual price is 900 CZK. It is also possible to use bicycles in all six cities where Rekola work - in Prague, Brno, Olomouc, Pardubice and Hradec Kralove.

You can already see about thirty renovated, strikingly pink bikes in the streets of České Budejovice. Another twenty of them are being prepared for this season.