International conference Plant Biology CS 2019 is accompanied by the cartoons of the Czech artist Jaroslav Kerles

On Sunday 25th August 2019 started in České Budějovice the largest national conference of biologists that experiment with plants. International meeting „Plant Biology CS 2019“ is organized by biologists from the Faculty of Science at the joint campus of the University of South Bohemia and the Biology Centre, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Branišovská street, it will last 6 days and nearly 300 scientists and students from all over the world are going to participate. The specialists will devote to topics such as genetical manipulations, adaptation of plants to global changes, crop genomics or plant biotechnology. The whole conference will be accompanied by the commemoration of Jaroslav Kerles, significant south bohemian artist and illustrator whose cartoons are very often connected with nature.

The meetings of specialists in the field of experimental plant biology have a long tradition; they are organized by the Czech Society of Experimental Plant Biology and the Slovak Botanical Society every three years. This year it is going to be the 15th annual but for the first time international, the official language of the conference will be English and to the main speakers belong significant specialists and leaders in the field of plant biology from prestigious world-known institutions, e.g. University of Cambridge, Australian National University or the German Institute of Max Planck. 

„This year´s meeting is very special because we intend to create ample space for so many young scientists as possible and to give them the opportunity to present their own results. We assigned successful leaders of research laboratories and teams from the Czech and Slovak Republic to prepare the programme and we also gained considerable financial support from international organisations so we were able to invite internationally recognized scientists and speakers,“ says the chairman of the scientific committee Jiří Šantrůček. Among important personalities of the conference belong e.g. Graham Farquhar (ANU, Canberra, Australia), Johannes Kromdijk (University of Cambridge, UK), Isabel Bäurle (University of Potsdam, Germany) David Twell (University of Leicester, UK) or Jean Yong (SLU, Lund, Sweden).

The programme is divided into twenty thematic sections devoted to a wide range of  questions connected with the plant biology, plant reproduction, water management, plant nutrition and vascular transport, photosynthesis, genetic manipulations, adaptation of plants to climate changes and drought, plant-pathogen interactions and thematical sections leading to practical applications, e.g. plant biotechnology or the use of scientific methods in plant reproduction. To the topic of plant reproduction was also devoted a practical workshop that was held at the agriculture exhibition Země Živitelka on Monday 26.8. at 2 pm in building Z.

The visitors of Země Živitelka can also make a small excursion to the experimental plant research. They can visit the mobile laboratory of the Biology Centre CAS near the building Z and scientist will tell them something about the plant water management, evolution and genetical methods.    


Ing. Marie Hronková, Ph.D., local organiser of the conference, Biology Centre CAS, tel. 723 373 966

prof. Ing. Jiří Šantrůček, CSc., scientific committee of the conference, University of South Bohemia, tel. 776 059 839

Mgr. Daniela Procházková, referent of publicity, Biology Centre CAS, tel. 387 775 064, 778 468 552, e-mail:

This project is co-financed by the Statutory Town of České Budějovice.​