Information on operation restrictions at the USB from 10. 5. 2021

Dear colleagues and students,

on the basis of the resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 438 from 6 May 2021, on the extraordinary measures of the Ministry of Health, an adjustment to the previously announced restrictions on operations of higher education institutions has occurred with effect from 10 May. Practical instruction of students in all years of their studies has been permitted and the limit on the number of participants taking part in mass examination has been lifted (the restriction is now not defined by the number of participants but by the size of rooms where examinations take place, i.e. distances of 1.5m must be maintained). Other measures including mandatory preventive testing remain in force. See the summary of restrictions that are currently in force below.

The physical presence of students and participants in courses of lifelong learning at instruction remains prohibited with exemptions outlined below. Furthermore, exams organised for the public cannot take place except for professional qualification exams and other exams, the completion of which is a condition set by legislation for the performance of a certain activity.

The following in-person educational activities are permitted:

  • the presence at exams and other forms of verifying study results as long as distances of at least 1.5m are maintained;
  • individual consultations and other activities related to preparing graduation theses;
  • clinical instruction, practical instruction, and practical training of students in all fields and in all years of their studies;
  • admission exams as long as distances of at least 1.5m between individuals are maintained (applicants shall present proof of a negative result of a POC antigen test to ascertain the presence of the antigen of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or the RT-PCR test to ascertain the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that was performer within 7 days prior to the day of the exam in question, or applicants shall present proof of having undergone the Covid-19 disease, or a vaccination certificate issued by the Ministry).


Singing and sports activities are not permitted in instruction with the exception of degree programmes for which these activities are core parts of the degree programme; singing is potentially permitted with a maximum of 6 students in attendance in person in the room.

Participation in the abovementioned educational activities is permitted only if the student in question does not exhibit symptoms of the COVID-19 disease and presents proof of having undergone a preventive test, the result of which is negative, or proof of the fact that a relevant exemption from the regulation concerning preventive testing applies (for more information see previously announced rules).

Should in-person instruction be restored in a broader manner, faculties will inform students about the new setting of their instruction schedule in order to prevent clashes of in-person instruction and distance learning, or clashes of instruction of practical courses and examinations according to the already established practices.

Accommodation at dormitories and the operation of the Academic Library are organised according to the current regime outlined in the corresponding decisions of the D&R Director and the Academic Library Director.

Please, also respect ordinances and recommendations that are currently in effect concerning respiratory tract protection, the use of disinfectants, etc. The presence and stay in buildings of the USB without respiratory tract protective equipment (nose, mouth) that is understood as a respirator or similar means of protection in compliance with corresponding standards (FFP2, KN 95) is prohibited. Educational activities (examinations), the nature of which does not allow for the use of protective equipment (particularly physical education, singing, playing wind instruments) may constitute an exemption. In cases in which it is necessary that the student sees the mouth of the educator during instruction, it is possible for the educator to use a face shield as protective equipment for respiratory tract protection under the condition that the educator maintains a distance of at least 2 meters from students.

The abovementioned is currently announced with effect until further notice. Should the circumstances change, along with the binding regulations that the USB must follow, we shall inform you again.

prof. PhDr. Bohumil Jiroušek, Dr.

PaedDr. Petr Bauman, Ph.D.
Vice-Rector for Student Affairs