Information on operation restrictions at the USB - 30. 12. 2020 - UPDATED!

On the basis of the Resolutions of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 55, 56 and 57 from January 22, 2021, the effect of the currently announced binding regulations was extended until February 14.


Dear colleagues and students,

on the basis of the Resolutions of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 1377 from December 23, on the adoption of a crisis measure, the current restrictions of operations of higher education institutions were extended to January 10, 2021, i.e., in effect, with regard to instruction at the USB, to the credit week from January 4 to January 8, 2021, and amended in the following manner: the personal presence of students and participants of lifelong learning courses at instruction remains prohibited. The participation in exams in the context of studies is permitted up to 10 persons in attendance (at the same time in one room), while, for the purposes of the USB, it is understood as any form of checking studies pursuant to the Study and Examination Regulations (i.e., course credits, colloquium, comprehensive advancement examination and state examination).

The participation in clinical and practical instruction and practical trainings of students of healthcare degree programmes and students performing pedagogical practical training at kindergartens, primary and secondary schools or school facilities for the exercise of institutional education and secured care are permitted.

Singing or sports activities (in the context of instruction or exams permitted on the basis of abovementioned exemptions) are permitted only in degree programmes or fields there they are the principal part of the studies.

Visits to the Academic Library for the purpose of receiving or returning study literature are also permitted.

Please, do not forget to follow all currently valid ordinances concerning respiratory tract protection. According to the ordinance of  the MH of the Czech Republic, protection of the respiratory tract is understood as a respirator, surgical mask, face mask, scarf, shawl or other means that prevent the spread of droplets. In cases in which it is necessary that the student sees the mouth of the educator during instruction, it is possible for the educator to use a face shield as protective equipment for respiratory tract protection under the condition that the educator maintains a distance of at least 2 meters from students. Educational activities, the nature of which does not allow for the use of protective equipment (in particular physical education, singing, playing wind instruments), constitute an exception to ordinances for using respiratory tract protection.

The prohibition of providing accommodation to students who have a different residence in the territory of the Czech Republic remains generally in effect, however, the current conditions are changing in relation to the permitted presence of students (see above). Anyone who is performing any on-site study activity, including course credits, exams etc., can be currently accommodated at the dormitories. Even in these cases, we strongly recommend that the stay at dormitories is limited to a minimum (e.g., arriving the day before the exam, departing the day after the exam etc.).

The abovementioned is currently announced with effect until January 10, 2021. In the case that the circumstances change, along with the binding regulations that the USB must follow, we will inform you again.


prof. PhDr. Bohumil Jiroušek, Dr.

PaedDr. Petr Bauman, Ph.D.
Vice-Rector for Student Affairs