Information on operation restrictions at the USB - 28. 2. 2021 - UPDATED!

On the basis of the Resolutions of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 315 from March 26, 2021, the effect of the currently announced binding regulations was extended until April 11.

Dear colleagues and students,

considering that the Government of the Czech Republic has issued new resolutions tightening restrictions with respect to the pandemic situation, we would like to summarise the restrictions from the perspective of operations of the USB that are currently in effect. Most of the current rules remain unchanged and particularly conditions related to the qualification preparation of social workers and rules for lifelong learning programmes as well as exams for the public have been updated.

With exceptions outlined below, the physical presence of students and participants in courses of lifelong learning at instruction remains prohibited. Furthermore, language exams organised for the public by the BC USB and the GC USB, etc., cannot take place. Instruction will continue to take place in the distance format under a regime set by faculties.

The following in-person educational activities are permitted:

  • the presence at exams and other forms of verifying study results under the condition of up to 10 persons in attendance at the same time in the same room
  • individual consultations and other activities related to preparing graduation theses
  • clinical and practical instruction and training of students of healthcare degree programmes
  • practical pedagogical instruction and practical training of students in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools or facilities for the exercise of institutional education and secured care
  • practical instruction and training under Act No. 95/2004 Coll., on Requirements for Acquisition of Recognition of Professional Competence to Practise the Profession of a Physician, Dentist and Pharmacist, and under Act No 96/2004 Coll., on Paramedical Professions
  • practical preparation for the performance of a regulated profession of a social worker under Act No. 108/2006 Coll., on Social Services
  • practical training of students where the operation of corresponding places of work with respect to the pandemic situation allows it
  • admission exams under the condition of up to 10 persons in attendance

Accommodation at dormitories and visits to the Academic Library for the purposes of receiving or returning study literature is organised according to the current regime outlined in the corresponding decisions of the D&R Director and the Director of the AL USB.

Please, also respect ordinances and recommendations that are currently in effect concerning respiratory tract protection, the use of disinfectants, etc. The presence and stay in buildings of the USB without respiratory tract protective equipment (nose, mouth) that is understood as a respirator or similar means of protection in compliance with corresponding standards (FFP2, KN 95), surgical face masks or similar means of protection in compliance with the standard ČSN EN 14683+AC (surgical masks sold by pharmacies or the chemist are ordinarily in compliance with the standard). Educational activities, the nature of which does not allow for the use of protective equipment (in particular physical education, singing, playing wind instruments), may constitute an exception. In cases in which it is necessary that the student sees the mouth of the educator during instruction, it is possible for the educator to use a face shield as protective equipment for respiratory tract protection under the condition that the educator maintains a distance of at least 2 meters from students.

The abovementioned is currently announced with effect until 21 March 2021. In the case that the circumstances change, along with the binding regulations that the USB must follow, we will inform you again.

Professor PhDr. Bohumil Jiroušek, Dr.

PaedDr. Petr Bauman, Ph.D.
Vice-Rector for Student Affairs