Information on operation restrictions at the USB - 25. 11. 2020

Dear colleagues and students,

on the basis of the Resolutions of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 1198 and 1199 from November 20, 2020, on the adoption of a crisis measure, the current restriction of operations of higher education institutions in effect since November 25, 2020, was amended in the following manner: the personal presence of students and participants of lifelong learning courses at instruction remains prohibited with the exception of exceptions outlined below, participation in exams in the context of studies is permitted up to 10 persons in attendance, participation in clinical and practical instruction and practical training of students of healthcare degree programmes and students performing pedagogical practical instruction and pedagogical practical training in schools is permitted. The following activities are newly permitted as well:

  • participation in clinical and practical instruction and practical training that take place at locations of external entities,
  • laboratory, experimental or art instruction in the final year of the bachelor’s or master’s degree programme in the presence of 20 students at the most,
  • instruction in a doctoral degree programme,
  • individual consultations.


The new permission of individual consultations means that individual consultations may take place not only on a voluntary basis as it has been up to now but also as a part of study obligations or individual instruction. Visits to libraries for the purposes of collecting or returning study literature are permitted as well.

The permission of ‘laboratory, experimental or art instruction’ is applied in the conditions of the USB in such a way that this exception applies to all instruction of practical nature (seminars, practical classes) that cannot be substituted by distance learning due to the nature of the course (of course that includes the restriction to students in their final years of studies and the maximum number of 20 students in a group). A course for students in their final year of studies is understood as a course that is described as recommended for the final year of a degree programme in IS STAG or a course in which at least one student in their final year of studies is enrolled; the participation in in-person instruction of such a course is permitted to all students who are enrolled in the course regardless of their year of studies.

In connection with that we would like to remind you that the permission of in-person instruction does not mean that it is ordered as mandatory, i.e., in substantiated cases (in particular with regard to personnel availability and harmonising the schedules of in-person and distance learning) it is possible to continue with distance instruction even in courses in which in-person instruction is permitted. We would like to ask that educators of courses, which the abovementioned exceptions apply to, inform students about the manner in which further instruction will take place at once. Unless the educator declares otherwise, the instruction of courses in which in-person instruction form is permitted will take place in the in-person form from November 25, 2020. Please address potential clashes of in-person and distance learning (with respect to the transfer of students between courses of in-person and distance learning) immediately within guaranteeing departments.

Please do not forget to follow all currently valid ordinances concerning respiratory tract protection. According to the ordinance of MH CZ from November 20, 2020, protection of the respiratory tract is understood as a respirator, surgical mask, face mask, scarf, shawl or other means that prevent the spread of droplets. In cases in which it is necessary that the student sees the mouth of the educator during instruction, it is possible for the educator to use a face shield as protective equipment for respiratory tract protection under the condition that the educator maintains a distance of at least 2 meters from students. Educational activities, the nature of which does not allow for the use of protective equipment (in particular physical education, singing, playing wind instruments), constitute an exception to ordinances for using respiratory tract protection.

Providing accommodation at dormitories to students who have a different residence in the territory of the Czech Republic remains prohibited, however, currently valid exceptions, including the option of accommodating students who are in an employment relationship with the USB, remain valid. Exceptions newly also apply to students who participate in education according to abovementioned items.

The ordinances of the D&R Director No. 18 and 19/2020 apply to the lowering of dormitory fees for the month of November by 50 % of students who cannot be accommodated at dormitories due to crisis measures or who have been put under employment obligation by the Regional Authority. The manner in which the situation will be addressed will stem from further potential ordinances of the Government, their length and scope. In addition to the currently lowered dormitory fees, the option of terminating his/her accommodation prematurely as per the current Dormitory Regulations, i.e., students are obliged to announce the termination of accommodation 30 days in advance, remains an option to students.

The abovementioned is currently announced with effect until December 12, 2020. In the case that the circumstances change, along with the binding regulations that the USB must follow, we will inform you again.

prof. PhDr. Bohumil Jiroušek, Dr.

PaedDr. Petr Bauman, Ph.D.
Vice-Rector for Student Affairs