Information on operation restrictions at the USB - 13. 10. 2020

Dear colleagues and students,

on the basis of the Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 1021, 1022, 1023, 1027 and 1033 from October 12, 2020, on the adoption of crisis measures, operations of higher education institutions are restricted in such a way that personal attendance of students during instruction and exams (should more than 10 persons participate in an exam at the same time) while studying at a higher education institution and the attendance of participants in courses of lifelong learning are prohibited effective from October 14, 2020, to November 1, 2020. Participation in clinical and practical instruction and practical training of students of healthcare degree programmes and students performing pedagogical practical instruction and pedagogical practical training in schools is permitted.

Concurrently, providing accommodation at dormitories to students of higher education institutions that have a different residence in the territory of the Czech Republic is prohibited with the exception of students in medical and pedagogical study programmes participating in clinical and practical instruction or practice and full-time students in degree programmes and years of study of whom work duties are required by the Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic (last years of bachelor’s degree programmes and all years of consecutive master’s degree programmes preparing for non-medical healthcare occupations and degree programmes of single-specialisation psychology as well as all years of bachelor’s, consecutive master’s or doctoral degree programmes focused on social work, social policy, social pedagogy, social assistance, social pathology or special needs education).

Unlike the conditions announced earlier, this opens the possibility of practical training in pedagogical fields, on the other hand, the availability of accommodation at dormitories is restricted. At the USB, we are applying this directive in such a way that buildings of the USB remain open, collective in-person instruction has already been substituted by other ways of instruction while principles that you had been informed about earlier apply. Exams are permitted (the maximum number of persons present is newly restricted to 10) as well as are individual study and educational activities and activities related to performing employment activities of students at USB facilities (consultations, self-studying at the library, working on research projects and graduation theses, work at laboratories etc.), while it is necessary to respect the current ordinances (respiratory tract protection).

The Academic Library of the USB and Dormitories & Refectories of the USB remain in operation (current operation arrangements are directed by the directives of the Director of the Academic Library and the D&R Director). Only international students, students in medical and pedagogical study programmes participating in clinical and practical instruction or practice, and students of degree programmes and years (full-time students) outlined above may remain accommodated at dormitories from October 14. Furthermore, accommodation at dormitories is available to students with employee status (working at USB facilities, grants, etc.). A student who cannot move from the dormitories to his/her place of residence can request an exemption from the D&R Director. Whether the exemption is granted will be decided by the D&R Director.

Only the main building of the Refectory of the USB on the USB campus will be open from October 14, 2020, and only for students and employees of the USB. The USB Café, servery at the FT USB and FHSS USB will be closed. See for current opening hours. The meal service is provided.

Please monitor the current information on the elections to the Academic Senate of the USB (organisation and dates are directed by instructions of the election committee).

In the case that the circumstances change, along with the binding regulations that the USB must follow, we will inform you again. Should the newly announced conditions not change, the USB will return to the current manner of instruction on Monday, November 2.


prof. PhDr. Bohumil Jiroušek, Dr.                                        PaedDr. Petr Bauman, Ph.D.

Rector                                                                                  Vice-Rector for Student Affairs