Handicapped French student fulfilling his dream at USB

Maël Boissinot, a handicapped student from France, studies a double degree at the Faculty of Arts at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.

Maël Boissinot from the French city of Lorient decided to study at USB in České Budějovice. Maël came to study here for the whole academic year to absolve the double degree programme in the field of Applied Foreign Languages for International Business. This possibility is offered by the Institute of Romance Studies at the Faculty of Arts USB since 2007. During this period, 35 Czech and 23 French students became the absolvents of both universities.

Maël is very brave, persistent and he is an optimist so despite all obstacles he was absolutely resolved to fulfill his dream. With the help of the Support Centre for students with special needs of the University of South Bohemia and the Université Bretagne Sud/France, the help of the International Office and guarantors of the double degree diploma at both sides (Iva Petrů a Mariannick Guennec)his dream came true. It is also necessary to mention the crowdfunding campaign which helped Maël with this financially demanding stay too.  

In the summer semester, Maël is going to absolve another challenge - a two-month internship in the company Madeta in České Budějovice.