From June 1 barriers have closed the entrance to the rear of the campus

From Wednesday June 1, 2016 there have been mounted barriers on the driveways to the rear of the USB campus. This regulation is a part of a change of the operation regime in the given part of the campus, which we have already informed you about.

The entrance will be granted only to the employees of USB, Biology Centre of ASCR on the base of their existing employee cards or chips. All the employees will have an authorized entry set on their cards automatically. All barriers are connected to communicators of USB receptions in the Rectorate, K4 house of residence and Biology Centre of ASCR with the non-stop operation. This ensures the entryway of IRS vehicles as well as other emergencies.

Students will not be allowed to entry to the premises. The entrance will be granted only to the students with special needs and in well-founded cases to the other students with health and other handicaps. Students can use all year round parking lot at the South Bohemian Science and Technology Park with the capacity of 150 places.

The exit from this area is secured to all vehicles by means an inductive loop placed immediately in front of the barrier. When driving on a loop that is installed under the road surface, the barrier opens automatically.

The scheme of a new traffic solution in the given part of the campus.