Faculty of Agriculture opened its own microbrewery

The Faculty of Agriculture of the University of South Bohemia will brew its own beer „Čtyrák“. For this purpose a microbrewery was built; it plans to brew approximately 250 hectolitres of beer every year.

The microbrewery will be used for practical training of students as well as for scientific purposes. The brewery is housed in a new purpose-built facilities at the school farm of USB in the street Na Zlaté stoce. There were also a meat processing facility and a microdairy newly established in the building. The opening ceremony was held on Tuesday, June 21.

The microbrewery will serve for the teaching and research. "Our brewery will not compete with commercial breweries. The beer production will be supervised by an experienced brewer who has twenty years of experience in the Pilsen brewery. In our brewery we will mostly brew and experiment with different kinds of beers and ciders, so we will use also other means of production," says Michal Marušák, Secretary of the Faculty of Agriculture.

The premises will house the newly established microdairy as well, there will be also the meat processing. "The microdairy is equipped with a device for the production of conventional dairy products as on a farm, it means yoghurt, curd and fresh cheese," cites Pavel Smetana, Head of the Department of Agricultural Products Quality from the Faculty of Agriculture, and he adds that in the near future students will work with products from their own school farm, including malt and hops.

The microbrewery, microdairy and meat processing plant will be used by students as part of their practical training and by academic workers for the scientific research.

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