Decision of the Director of Dormitories and Refectories of the USB No. 2/ 2020 on Accommodation Prices at Dormitories of the USB

Due to extraordinary measures adopted by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic in connection with the spread of the coronavirus in the territory of the Czech Republic and, furthermore, in connection with the announcement of the government of the Czech Republic concerning the declaration of the state of emergency, after a debate with the Rector of the USB, I am issuing this decision on prices of accommodation in May of this year:

1. The Dormitories and Refectories of the USB shall provide students with a 50% discount on accommodation in the calendar month of May as a compensation for the situation that has arisen under the following conditions:

• The student was provided with accommodation at Dormitories and Refectories of the USB before and including March 31, 2020

•The student remains provided with accommodation at dormitories of the USB for the whole month of May

•The payment for the month of May is duly paid by April 4, 2020


2. Standard conditions and prices as per conditions of the Dormitories and Refectories of the USB apply to all other students.  



Ing. Ivan Hájek

Director KaM JU

In České Budějovice, 26.3.2020