Ombudsman of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice

The USB Ombudsman is an independent person who provides confidential assistance to all university staff in resolving work conflicts, disputes and complaints in order to ensure fair and equal treatment of all employees within the university and to improve the overall quality of the working environment.  Their focus is on mediation and resolution of various complaints or disputes (dealt with beyond the existing regulations) so that USB employees avoid any undue hardship, unpredictability, illegality and arbitrariness in the employment relationship with USB. 

The USB Ombudsman is elected by the members of the USB Ethics Committee from among its members. The Chair of the USB Ethics Committee cannot be elected a USB Ombudsman.


Matters within the Ombudsman’s responsibility:

  • Complaints and calls for investigation when you feel that your manager / colleague is treating you arrogantly or inappropriately.
  • Complaints and calls for investigation concerning workeplace relationhips which exhibit the signs of sexual harassment, bullying, mobbing, bossing, or other forms of arbitrariness which are not covered by the procedures set by USB's internal regulations.


Matters outside the Ombudsman’s responsibility:

  • Answering questions concerning the agenda of other USB constituent units. If you have any such question, please contact the relevant unit.
  • General complaints (without proper justification) or anonymous complaints.


When to contact the Ombudsman?

  • When you need advice on how to deal with interpersonal problems in the workplace.
  • When you have used all available corrective measures integrated in the USB internal regulations and you have not come to a satisfactory resolution of your isuue.


What is the scope of the Ombudsman’s authority

  • The Ombudsman is authorized to conduct separate inquiries initiated by staff but cannot take on the activities of the relevant university bodies or change their decisions.
  • They can request grounding documents and verify facts which will contribute to the objective assessment of the case.
  • If a discrepancy with a procedure set out in the USB's internal regulations is found and the Ombudman considers a complaint/call for investigation well-founded, they forward the complaint / complaint together with his recommendation for resolution to the Ethics Committee, whose deliberatios they participate in only as an independent expert.





For faster handling of complaints/calls for investigation, please send your information in the following order:

  • A description of the situation/issue
  • Ways you have already tried to resolve the issue or how it has been dealt with
  • What you would like to achieve by filing the complaint
  • Your full name, email and telephone number

You can also download and complete the compaint form HERE.

Complaints cannot by filed by a telephone!