A good meal for a good price.

You will never starve literally or financially. The refectory of the University of South Bohemia offers quality meals at subsidized prices.

A student’s lunch consists of a main meal, soup and a drink that costs no more than 30 CZK. The refectory also has its own pizzeria and the price of a pizza starts at 42 CZK.

The dining rooms in the refectory have approximately 650 places. You can order your meal in advance on the touch screen (ground floor in the hall) or over the Internet (WebKredit system). You can also choose without pre-ordering from three ready meals and two short order dishes.

  Refectory website

   You can view the menu, price list and serving times at

What you might not realise

  • The refectory is open 365 days a year, including holidays and weekends.
  • 700 short order dishes are prepared each day.
  • Meals are prepared by almost 70 staff.
  • 1.25 million meals are served each year.
  • Fresh ingredients are delivered daily except Sundays.
  • Cooking starts between four and five in the morning.
  • The standard menu includes liver, gluten-free and diabetic meals, while other forms of diet meals can be arranged in advance.


Refectory website: