One of the most beautiful campuses in the Czech Republic to be found in České Budějovice. Modern, spacious and lively.

The campus is located in the Four Courts, a quiet part of the town and is used for relaxation, cultural and social events.

Even a stroll through the campus is well worth your while. An English style park is being gradually created. You will find much greenery, a sports ground and benches, including the unique Václav Havel benche by the architect Bořek Šípek. The nice roads and modern lighting create a positive atmosphere.

Our campus is modern, spacious and lively. We are known for very active student life and our students are involved in many cultural and sporting events. The campus includes many state-of-the-art facilities like the Science and Technology Park or the University kindergarten. In the campus, you will also find the buildings of the Biology Centre of the Academy of Science of Czech Republic, which closely cooperates with USB.

The campus is a brilliant place for relaxation, outdoor activities and social events. The University and its campus is located in the wonderful region of South Bohemia full of amazing natural sites. Since the campus is also not far from the city centre, students can easily enjoy the historical atmosphere of the town and its nightlife in addition to all the outdoor activities like sports or hiking. The campus regularly hosts concerts and events for students and the general public - the first-year student welcome, Building a Maypole, Light Shows, Waste Shows and many others and considering that the university is also located close to the borders with Germany and Austria, the list of activities is truly endless.

You can also walk along the nature trail in the tree lined avenue, around the experimental plots and animal pens. The information boards contain interesting information on agriculture and the food industry.

The campus is under constant development and investment will continue over the forthcoming years further.

As an example, you can find in the campus:

  • Rectorate
  • Faculties
    • Faculty of Arts
    • Faculty of Agriculture
    • Faculty of Economics
    • Faculty of Science
  • Academic Library
  • Biology Centre CAS
  • Science and Technology Park
  • Dormitories
  • Assembly hall
  • Refectory
  • Student Club 
  • Café
  • ATM machine
  • Sports facilities 

Map of the campus – all buildings

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