The Seychelles

Thursday 5 December 2019 04:00 PM

We would like to invite you to an interesting lecture in English.

Presentation: Soňa Dobiášová

The Seychelles has the reputation of a luxurious destination and if you choose to stay in a six-star hotel resort and eat in one of the European-style restaurants, it sure is. But if you prefer to stay in a B&B, grab your lunch from a local takeaway, and explore the islands on foot, bike or bus, you may be surprised how affordable this country turns out to be! The only luxury will be the incredible pristine beaches that look even better than in the photoshopped catalogue photos, countless national parks, lush vegetation that is free from dangerous animals and insects, delicious creoles food, and of course, the bluest sea one can imagine and coral reefs that swarm with fish of all shapes and colours.

The British Centre of USB, Krajinská 2 (1st floor), 370 01 České Budějovice
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