Rector´s Ordinances

Rector’s ordinance No.471_On testing employees to detect the presence of the virus SARS-CoV-2
Rector’s ordinance No.467_Extraordinary measures in connection with the coronavirus epidemic
Rector’s ordinance No.466_Organisational Structure of USB
Annexe No.1 of the Rector’s ordinance No.466_Organisational Structure of USB
Annexe No.2 of the Rector’s ordinance No.466_Organisational Structure of USB
Rector’s Ordinance No.461_On setting Study-related fees for the Academic year 2021/2022
Rector´s Ordinance No.459_On the organisation of the Academic year 2021/2022
Rector’s Ordinance No.458_On the amount and date of payment of the bursary in 2021
Rector’s Ordinance No.452_ Providing public access to Bachelor´s, Master´s, Doctoral, advanced Master´s (rigorózní) and Habilitation theses
Rector’s Ordinance No.450_On assessing compliance with the requirement of prior education of applicants for admission to studies
Rector’s ordinance No.436_ Determining rules for the operation of electronic mail at the USB
Rector´s Ordinance No.434_Harassment in the Workplace
Rector´s Ordinance No.433_The Rules and Procedure of the USB Ethics Committee
Rector´s Ordinance No.432_Stipulating the USB Code of Conduct
Rector´s Ordinance No.432_Annexe 1
Rector´s Ordinance No.432_Annexe 2
Rector´s Ordinance No.427_On proceedings concerning the establishment and appointment of a position of adjunct professor at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Rector´s Ordinance No.421_Homeworking
Rector’s Ordinance No. 421_Application for Homeworking Annexe
Rector´s Ordinance No.411_Personal Data Protection Labour-Law Relationships
Rector´s Ordinance No.410_Standards for Accreditation and Implementation of Degree Programmes
Rector´s Ordinance No.410_ Annexes
Rector’s ordinance No. 387_Evaluation of Non-academic Staff
Rector’s Ordinance No.378_Stipulating the rules for protection and personal data processing
Rector´s Ordinance No.378_Rules for Protection and Processing of Personal Data
Rector´s ordinance No.371_Regulations for Accommodating Students
Rector´s Ordinance No.344_Rules for Creating Strategic Documents
Rector´s Ordinance No.342__Concluding Contracts - Foreign Entities
Rector's Ordinance No.304_ for Admission of Applicants with Special Needs
Rector's Ordinance No.303_Governing support for students with special needs
Rector´s Ordinance No.286_Organizational Rules of the USB
Rector's Ordinance No.253_Appendix 1
Rector´s Ordinance No. 238_Conditions of Employment of the USB
Rector´s Ordinance No.177_Emergencies and Crisis Situations of External (e.g. Flood) and Internal (e.g. Fire) Nature in All Components of the USB