Project Department

We build new buildings, renovate and modernize current buildings; we ensure material innovation (laboratory equipment, machines and technologies); we support principles of efficient management and we also ensure the functioning of a quality maintenance system in all operations of the University. We work on popularising scientific activity and bring theoretical knowledge into practical use. We also focus on improving accessibility of the learning environment for all students etc.

Project support for the University

We collect, draft and further develop ideas for the development of the University and for all its bodies. We transform the ideas into comprehensive project plans with the purpose of gaining financial support. We provide thorough management of the execution of institution-wide projects of strategic importance including aspects of practical, administrative and financial nature. Last but not least, we ensure sustainability of completed strategic projects.

HR Excellence in Research Award

We take part in the cooperation of activities related to being awarded the HR Award certificate, which is awarded by the European Commission to research institutions, that implement the HRS4R (The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers) strategy.

For more information visit: HR AWARD - HRS4R.


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