Strategy and Development

The Department ensures coordination and drafting of strategic documents and other documents, which are specified as mandatory by the Act 111/1998 Coll., or documents that are necessary for obtaining funds or that are required by the University for other reasons. The documents in question are predominantly Strategic plans and their updates, Annual reports on activities, Institutional plans, Central development programs. The activity of the Department is directly dependant on interdepartmental cooperation in the context of the whole University.

The Department provides administrative and technical support of the functioning of the agenda of the Board of Trustees. It also ensures and develops the agenda of process procedures in order to make the University’s agendas run more effectively.

The aim of the department is to perform activities entrusted to it on a professional quality level and with a relevant added value that undoubtedly plays an important role in the activities of a modern university. In addition, the Department aims at performing its duties while limiting the administrative burden laid on the Faculties and other constituent parts of the University.


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