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About us - What is USB?

We are a modern public university located in České Budějovice. Like our town, we offer a unique experience in a broad range of study programmes. We educate 9'000 students at 8 different faculties and in more than 220 programmes including bachelor´s & master´s degrees as well as doctoral programmes. Our faculties: Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture

We are proud to be a top-quality science & research centre specialising in education and research in natural, human and social sciences. USB proves its high standard by passing strict criteria of prestigous international rankings such as QS or THE. In the THE Young University Rankings 2020, the University of South Bohemia placed in the 201-250th place globally and in the 1st place in the context of higher education institutions from the Czech Republic. Such an excellent result is a sign that the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice is building on its successes in the THE World University Rankings, where the University scored not only in the global ranking (801-1000th), but also in the regional ranking THE Emerging Economies University Rankings (201-250th) and subject rankings „Life Sciences“ (301-400th) and „Clinical, pre-clinical & health“ (601+ place). In the QS University Rankings EECA, the USB achieved the 123rd place.

At USB you will benefit not just from the modern and dynamic environment, but also from the individual approach to students that our staff of well-known scientists and professors considers essential. The campus includes many state-of-the-art facilities like the Science and Technology Park, Student Club and University kindergarten. Given the new pavilions for the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Fisheries & Protection of Waters and the unique world-class CENAKVA centre focused on Fisheries and Protection of Waters locaded in Vodňany, you simply cannot go wrong. The University of South Bohemia is an attractive destination for students and an excellent calling card for graduates.

Come and experience it firsthand!

South Bohemian Region & České Budějovice

USB is located in the wonderful region of South Bohemia. The Region and the city of České Budějovice have been evaluated as the best places to live in the Czech Republic in recent years. The country is located in the heart of Europe and it belongs to the top 10 safest countries in the world. The city is situated 120 km from the capital and its location simply allows comfortable travelling within the whole Czech Republic and Central Europe. Considering that we are also located close to the borders with Germany and Austria, the list of possibilities is truly endless. 

With its beautiful mountain ranges, national parks, winding rivers, countless ponds and other amazing natural sites, the region never stops inspiring us and it may just inspire you as well. Since the campus is also not far from the city centre, you can easily enjoy the historical atmosphere of the town and its nightlife in addition to all the outdoor activities like sports or hiking and many festivals going on throughout the year.

The Czech Republic and the Region of South Bohemia boast one of the lowest costs of living compared to the rest of Europe. The costs of living depend on individual personal needs and you can easily compare the costs of other cities and the city of České Budějovice here.

Internationally friendly

USB is not only about interesting programmes and a wide range of courses in foreign languages. The University fosters close cooperation with more than 400 universities around the world, supports foreign studies and research trips by students and academic staff and offers a lot of exchange opportunities.

It also provides cross-border study in Biological Chemistry at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz and offers the opportunity of double degree studies at other selected universities.

The international prestige of the University of South Bohemia is also evidenced by active research teams posted in various parts of the world, such as the Arctic and Papua New Guinea.

Our History

The University of South Bohemia was founded in 1991, following a long tradition of educating teachers and university experts in various fields of agricultural production, theological studies and the tradition of fish farming and fisheries.

The University originally consisted of two faculties - the Faculty of Education (from 1948 a branch of the Faculty of Education of Charles University and later an independent faculty) and the Faculty of Economics (since 1960 part of the Prague University of Agriculture). The Faculties of Biology, Theology and Health & Social Studies founded later quickly became the cornerstones of the University. The Faculty of Philosophy was established in 2006 and the Faculty of Economics just one year later. The original Faculty of Biology was eventually replaced by the Faculty of Science in 2007 and the Faculty of Fisheries & Protection of Waters was founded in 2009. However, the University remains committed to improving the education and research offered and the history will most certainly continue to be written in the future.  

Further Development & Funding

The University continuously works on securing funding for further development.  We build, maintain and modernise new and existing facilities to ensure excellence in material innovation (laboratory equipment, machinery and technology). 

We design, collect, and develop ideas for the development of the university and its bodies. We convert the ideas into comprehensive project plans in order to obtain financial support. We also provide comprehensive management of the realisation of the university-wide projects of strategic importance, both in material and administrative-financial terms.

The most important investment projects in recent years included the construction of the Centre of Aquaculture and Biodiversity of Hydrocenoses CENAKVA in Vodňany, unique on a European scale. We have also supported extensive rejuvenation of the campus park, building new pavilions or the modernisation of the existing pavilions of the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Agriculture and the Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters, as well as the construction of the student club, the kindergarten and the renovation of the halls of residence. By 2020, we plan to carry out an investment project to build a simulation laboratory for non-medical disciplines at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, modernize the Bobík university auditorium, and renovate selected classrooms across faculties to enable implementation of new learning trends.

Our Research

Research excellence has always been a top priority for the University of South Bohemia and we have been proud to be a major research & development centre of the region.

We pride ourselves on constantly improving our buildings and laboratories, which are well-equipped with the latest technology. As such, they are a guarantee of top-rate results.

The university's focus on research has also been confirmed by the comparative ratings of universities. One example for all, the 4ICU Czech University Ranking of colleges and universities in more than 200 countries ranks the University of South Bohemia in the 1,431st place.

The university's research is of top quality as evidenced by major publications and scientists from the University of South Bohemia publish the results of their work in the most prestigious scientific journals such as Nature, Science and PNAS. They have also received much international recognition and awards. On 22nd July 2019 USB also received the HR AWARD certification. For more information see the section Development.

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