Admission Requirements

The principal requirement for entering a Bachelor´s degree programme or a full Master´s degree programme is the completion of a full secondary general education or vocational education with a “maturitní zkouška” school-leaving examination, for fine arts degrees, applicants who have gained their “absolutorium” from a conservatoire may be admitted. Admission to a follow-up Master´s degree programme depends on the completion of the relevant Bachelor´s degree programme or its equivalent. Admission to Doctoral studies depends on the successful completion of a Master´s degree programme.

Students who want to study full-time should apply directly to the higher education institution of their choice. Students may apply for several study programmes at 8 faculties. The deadline for submitting applications is usually the end of February or March. Most faculties offer the option of filing an application in electronic form. The date, content and form (oral or written examination, aptitude test) of the admission procedures are decided upon by the dean of the faculty or the rector of the university. At most higher education institutions the applicants take entrance examinations, which are usually held between June and September. Student administration departments at various faculties can provide information on applications, admission requirements and studies.´

The main tuition language is Czech, however the range of programmes delivered in foreign languages (mainly in English).

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